WorldEater Class Addon

WorldEater Class Addon

During the Allure Wars, the ogre race went through several experimental attempts at improving them even further.
One such attempt, nicknamed the Brute Squad by the team working on them was an attempt to focus and increase the aggression
shown in battle. While successful, and quite intimidating to the enemy, training ogres for outright brutality led to many
descending into a kind of bleak madness, their hardwired goal-focused brains becoming mired in blood and brutality. While
the experiments were discontinued, a rare ogre is still born showing the results of that work, even larger than most and
with an...aggressive appetite.

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Worldeater Ogre Demented Class 1.5.1 2019-08-09 01:13

Good idea

At last somebody made an addon based around Demented classes. Although variations of how to proceed with it are ... maybe too much. Still, thanks for valiant effort.

Thanks. I actually agree

Thanks. I actually agree with you in a lot of ways, and along the way of 50+ iterations I tried splitting the class into 2 ogre classes and a krog version with pretty set talents each, but that ended up very "on the rails" feeling with only one correct path, or only one path at all. In the end, I recombined everything thematically appropriate and decided to leave it up to the player which path they wanted to try. Basic premise was built around Demented/Slow Death, Wilder-Sand Drake swallow, Technique-Bloodthirst, Cursed-Dark Sustenance (slaughter or rampage were included solely to have some use for the hate if you take Dark Sustenance, pretty much. Also, they're two really strong trees that make for viable builds.). Since what started me off was wanting to play around with Size related powers, and only then coming to the eating/swallowing theme I ended up folding in unarmed/grapple as an option. Likewise fungus is an option solely because only having a single Wilder talent bugged me, and figured if you want to try to go that route, it should be a route not a one-off. Tentacles and Face are there for two reasons, if you want to go with Insanity as a single resource I wanted that to be an option, and honestly Ogrewield/Tentacle is hilarious and I'm a sucker for minmaxing.

I almost certainly should probably have pulled a few locked categories. Undead Drake (although...technically it's a swallowing souls talent so thematically I was having trouble resisting.) And probably Battle Tactics, possibly combat techniques active. Those two techniques are there because I was worried if someone wanted to go all in on 2-hand/shield offense/defense and not take further 'magic' talents they'd end up with a really limited toolkit end game. Scourge Drake, too, honestly. I just felt like if you're going all in on tentacles, without Worm Friend it's might get a bit dull at the high end and needed something to punch it up. I honestly personally have never used any of them in all my testing, but they felt like really valid options that someone might say, "Man, I wish this had X" at some point.