Two-Handed Dual-Wielding Counts

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If you are wielding a two-handed weapon in mainhand and another weapon in offhand (via Ogres' Grisly Constitution talent or various addons), arranges for your melee weapon damage to be recorded as both two-handed weapon damage and dual-wielded weapon damage for purposes of satisfying prodigy requirements (notably Windblade).

Barbarian Evolution for Berserker

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Adds a new class evolution for Berserker, the Barbarian.

As a Barbarian, the Berserker loses the ability to equip body armor, but gains the ability to wield a two-handed weapon in their off-hand. Additionally, they will unlock Technique/Duelist and Technique/Dual Weapons at 1.0 mastery. Finally, each turn the Barbian attacks a foe, they will automatically eneter a blocking stance to deflect damage with their weapons, potentially setting up deadly counter-strikes.

Starseeker class

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Starseekers hail from the Gates of Morning, the last bastion of the free people in the Far East.
Their way of life is well represented by their motto 'We embrace the power of the Cosmos, We devote our lives to its blending of light and darkness, as it shall strike our enemies with utter relentlessness.'
They can channel the power of the Cosmos to crush all who seek to destroy the Sunwall.
Competent in dual weapon combat, archery and magic, they usually shoot their foes from afar before stabbing them in melee.

Their most important stats are: Strength, Dexterity and Magic

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