Generic Ranged Training

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Adds a generic ranged training tree to the game. Archers start with it unlocked, all other classes can purchase it from an archery trainer in Elvala. Basic Ranged Mastery applies to all ranged weapons, but is weaker than more specialized masteries to compensate.

Starseeker class

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Starseekers hail from the Gates of Morning, the last bastion of the free people in the Far East.
Their way of life is well represented by their motto 'We embrace the power of the Cosmos, We devote our lives to its blending of light and darkness, as it shall strike our enemies with utter relentlessness.'
They can channel the power of the Cosmos to crush all who seek to destroy the Sunwall.
Competent in dual weapon combat, archery and magic, they usually shoot their foes from afar before stabbing them in melee.

Their most important stats are: Strength, Dexterity and Magic

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