Class: Wisp

Class: Wisp

A new class, a psionic archer who starts with the powers of hypnosis, light telekinesis, and control over fabric.
They use only Psi as their resource.
They are unlocked along with Mindslayers.

Class Talents
Technique/Psychic Marksman - Use willpower instead of strength and focus on shooting extremely accurately.
Technique/Psychic Shots - Shoot arrows that pierce targets, knock enemies around, or change direction midair.
Psionic/Idol - Surround yourself with hypnotic auras. The first 3 talents in this unusual tree can be learned in any order.
Psionc/Noumena - Strange manifestations of energy let you disable enemies and hide yourself from view.
Technique/Arrowstorm - (locked) Ranged Combat, but at close range.
Psionic/Unleash Abomination - (locked) Shoot arrows when attacked, shoot arrows when you shoot arrows, and make enemies into arrows.
Psionic/Unleash Nightmare - (locked) Put enemies to sleep and torment them in their dreams.

Generic Talents
Psionic/Mindshaped Materials - Reinforce your light armor, pin enemies down, and summon walls using your command of fine materials.
Psionic/Mindprison - (locked) Put stolen minds to work speeding you up, clearing effects, and recharging your talents.
Psionic/Augmented Mobility

There is also an evolution prodigy for this class, Incarnate Storm.

Incompatible with

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
0.3.8 - Beloved Nerfs 1.7.0 2022-04-06 04:11
0.3.7 - Multistun 1.7.0 2022-03-18 00:06
0.3.6 - Flamethrower Resistance 1.7.0 2022-01-21 20:03
0.3.5 - Limited Guard 1.7.0 2021-08-31 01:55
0.3.4 - 33%% cooler 1.7.0 2021-08-14 01:40
0.3.3 - Fantastic Voyage 1.7.0 2021-07-03 22:05
0.3.2 - Smaller Harps 1.7.0 2021-06-21 00:56
0.3.1 - The Voyage Continues 1.7.0 2021-04-27 05:50
0.3.0 - Artifacts and Egos 1.7.0 2020-12-25 03:29
0.2.1 - Critical Aware 1.7.0 2020-12-23 03:24

Fascination ignores stun res

This is not mentioned in the description, so I presume it's a bug. It is also extremely annoying (not to mention deadly) if an enemy spawns with high-level wisp talents, because each one is a big ball of damage halving and pin.

error & question

After choosing Arrowstorm, got cloned in a fight with rare Paradox Mage. After that, each step produced half a ton of errors.

And a question - is this class based on some specific series/film/novel(s). Feels like it...

Clone errors fixed

Time clones should be working fine in the newest version.
Wisp was originally based on something specific, but now there are just 3 talents left that relate to that first inspiration.

still - inspiration?

Could you still share what said inspiration was? In case it's worth it to read/watch?

wrong requirrements?

Idol talents 1-3 all have requirement of Wil 12.

Special reqs

The reqs in this tree are special. You can learn any of the 3 sustains at level 1, but then you can't learn another until level 4, and the final one at 8.


Feels slightly OP. Though fun to play . An idea of arrows with curved trajectories flying from all around was very nice. Feels in need of getting some talent(s) to fasten up Psi replenishment at middle levels.