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This addon adds the Shaman as a playable class. Shamans are masters of elemental magic attacks, mindpower based summons, or good old fashioned melee weapons.

Shamans use both their weapon sets and are encouraged to switch during the battle to adapt to every situation.

They start with the Shaman's Path talent, a passive that gives them bonus adapted to their weapon sets of choice.

6 unique class trees (3 locked) :
- Elemental Magic and High Elemental Magic: Mana based spells with a cold and lightning thematic.
- Natural Warrior and Greater Natural Warrior: Stamina based 2h trees with a nature thematic.
- Spirits and Spirit Master: Equilibrium trees based on 2 permanent summons, a nature one and a cold one.

2 unique generic trees :
- Fetishes : Lasting AoE with animal thematics (blinding hawk, stunning bear, etc...).
- Totems : short duration summons with powerful buff/debuff AoE.

With the exception of 4 talents, Shaman talents can appear on NPC.


This is my first addon and first coding project, I can promise I tested this addon as best I could, but that does not mean it is without bugs. Please report any bugs you find and I will endeavor to fix them ;)

If possible, please take discussions and bugs report to the forum thread I will make.


Nefigah for loving the Shaman idea and helping me more than a little with the coding.

Chewbacca for testing Shaman maybe more than me.

Micbran for correcting my bad english.

Rexorcorum for the pretty awesome spirits and totems tiles.

Orange because his name is lucky :frog: :robot:.

http://game-icons.net/ for all the icons.

In advance, whoever tries this out and gives me feedback so I can continue to improve it !


1.0.6 : - nerfed bark armor shield at low TL/STR
- removed damage bonus from spirit blade (moss)
- water vortex cd reduced by 1 (7 --> 6)
- both spirits are now available at level 1
- willpower requirements for spirits are upped (similar to weapon mastery requirement)
- bark spit/ice shards cd upped by 1 (4 --> 5)
- bark spit/ice shards damage nerfed at low TL
- changed spirit bump damage to be based on level instead of TL
- elemental spirit path rescaled due to spirit's damage nerf. Treshold is lower but it now shields for 100% of the damage (instead of 50%)
- prevented turning on moss/water spirit on world map as it was breaking spirit creation
- updated some talent arts
- added a line to shaman's path description to tell you which path you're on (or warn you if you aren't on any)

1.0.5 : - Added an option for legacy spirit tiles due to popular request. Found under Game Options --> Shaman, enabling will display old spirit tiles (need to resummon the spirits)

1.0.4 : - Fixed fetish targeting not working if you aimed beyond their range
- Fixed a bug where Nature's Fist was taking 2 turns
- Isolate and Nature's Fist now have an unarmed strike followed by a weaker melee strike if the unarmed strike hits
- Earth Spirit --> Moss Spirit to make nature theme clearer
- Renamed Focus Lightning to Lightning Rod, renamed Lightning Rod to Lightning Assault. Updated talent art
- Removed snake/bear interaction in the relevant fetishes
- Bear Fetish now disarms instead of stun
- Boar Fetish properly checks cut immunity
- Review Thunder to a smoother scaling curve
- Nerfed Bone totem (50% --> 33% chance to protect)
- Buffed Yeti Totem (now grants armor on top of the ice retal)
- All advanced path capstone are now fixed CD
- Wave of Steel is now weapon speed
- Rejuvenating Strike now has scaling damage
- Fixed totem bonus not refreshing properly on spirits
- Spread Elemental Spirits bonuses across the whole High Elemental tree
- Renamed Ethereal Form to spirit form, it now tp to the closest available spot when the buff end while you're in a wall rather than a random spot in range 50
- Corrected a couple typos
- Shaman works properly in other campaigns than AoA

1.0.3 : - Elemental Spirits description fixed (was incorrectly stating it used raw levels)
- Spirits don't get infinite armor from sandworm totem anymore (oops)
- Bear Fetish no longer AoE stun on use but instead deals damage and shred armor. The lasting effect is still damage + stun
- Spirit Rage now always teleports the spirits if you're wearing mindstars
- Updated totems descriptions to match fetishes (putting other talents on cooldown)
- Updated totems descriptions to reflect how their life scale
- Spirits no longer count toward Blighted Summoning as they don't interact with it

1.0.2 : - Last tiles added, say hello to the new spirits !
- Improved descriptions : added Lightning Rod total damage, added fetishes AoE duration, clarified that the bonus for getting a totem to 5/5 is always on, sandworm and wyrm totem explain their power scaling.
- Manasurge rune is now in inventory rather than inscribed, say hello to Zigur more easily.
- Shaman's Path is now an active that you can use for an instant weapon switch !
- Improved Lightning Body evasion bonus.

1.0.1 : tiles added for Wyrm totem and Bones totem. Shaman path correctly given to everyone at birth. Updated shaman path description to reflect the scaling.


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An new, hybrid class.

Warning. It requires Embers of Rage.

Hybrid Class Pack

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Adds a number of hybridized classes. Currently only remixes existing classes and talents.
Chrono Ranger - A tinker subclass, blending chronomancer and gunslinger
Essence Reaver - An afflicted mage, turned from more conventional magics to darkness and shadow


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Adds the Prowler subclass, a hybrid Wilder that uses stealth and mobility to take down their foes. Uses a combination of standard Rogue and Wilder talents, four new Wild-Gift trees and two new Technique trees. Prowlers are wild-rogues that focus on agile melee combat with psiblades or daggers and use their strong will to augment their abilities and call nature to their bidding.

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