White Monk

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Adds the White Monk, a warrior subclass.

The White Monk wields no arms, instead using intense focus and training to turn their body into a weapon. They fend off enemy blows with their immense willpower and can preform healing and regenerative rites. Primary stats are Dexterity and Willpower. White Monks have the unique ability to project unarmed melee attacks at a distance, with talents that allow them to strike many targets in a area, as well. White Monks have a base damage modifier for hand gear of 60% Dex and 60% Wil, and gain some of the same benefits to unarmed attacks as Brawlers.

Includes seven new talent trees and incorporates a few existing trees from Warrior and Rogue classes.

Rending - Attack your foes from afar and sap their energy.

Mending - Heal and cleanse yourself and even prepare a rite that can ward off death itself.

Fending (generic) - Ward off enemy assaults, directing some damage to your stamina pool.

Agile Combatant - Move across the battlefield with unmatched agility.

Martial Arts - Master the art of unarmed fighting and gain bonus strikes from your attacks.

Black Belt (locked) - Learn advanced fighting techniques to cripple your foes and react with finely honed reflexes.

Transcending(locked) - Directly manipulate your foes' spirits to sap their energy and learn to project your spirit to assail all nearby foes.

Follow one of the Six Ways with a set of class evolutions for the White Monk:

Way of the Rushing Bull

Way of the Flying Arrow

Way of the Open Palm

Way of the Arcane Flow

Way of the Transcendent Spirit

Way of the Hidden Viper

Full details in the forum thread.

Monk b41

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A monk class that focuses on switching between various stances. Forum thread here

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