Steam Slings

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Sling mastery affects steamguns.
Any check for "am I holding a sling?" will be happy if you're holding a steamgun.
Not tested for anything but holding one mainhand steamgun and using a skirmisher talent. SHOULD work with any talent, but I have no idea what dual-wielding will do. Either it'll error, or it'll be OP.


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Adds the Raider sub-class, a versatile mid-range fighter who wields a sword in one hand and a steam gun in another. Disperse clouds of gunpowder and detonate them in brutal chain reactions, or lay low your foes with shotgun blasts.

The Enforcer

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Adds the Enforcer. Armed with shield and steamgun, the Enforcer utilizes suppressive fire and crafted grenades of all types to permanently remove foes.

Talent icons are from , cass icon is from .

Actually Useful Artifact Steamguns

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Increase the range of artifact steamguns to at least the range of an ordinary steamgun of the same tier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Last Hope archery training

Short Name: 

Last Hope basic training in weapon shop.
- Technique/Combat Training for 50 GP;
- Shoot (hidden talent) for 8 GP;
- Generic use of bows or slings (Bow & Sling Matery, generic talent tree) for 42 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Bow (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Sling (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Generic usage of steam-powered weapons (Technique/Steamtech) for 256GP;
- Normal (but still limited) usage of steamguns or steamsaws (Steamtech/Gunner-Training|Steamtech/Butchery) for 512GP;
- Steamtech/Bullets Mastery xor Steamtech/Battlefield Management for 1024GP;
- Access to tinker stuff in loot for 2GP.

p.s. I was very annoyed with inability of rogues for use of bows or slings.
p.p.s. ... and I like to craft things. Useful things.
p.p.p.s. fixed wrong branch upload :(

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