Last Hope archery training

Last Hope archery training

Last Hope basic training in weapon shop.
- Technique/Combat Training for 50 GP;
- Shoot (hidden talent) for 8 GP;
- Generic use of bows or slings (Bow & Sling Matery, generic talent tree) for 42 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Bow (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Sling (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Generic usage of steam-powered weapons (Technique/Steamtech) for 256GP;
- Normal (but still limited) usage of steamguns or steamsaws (Steamtech/Gunner-Training|Steamtech/Butchery) for 512GP;
- Steamtech/Bullets Mastery xor Steamtech/Battlefield Management for 1024GP;
- Access to tinker stuff in loot for 2GP.

p.s. I was very annoyed with inability of rogues for use of bows or slings.
p.p.s. ... and I like to craft things. Useful things.
p.p.p.s. fixed wrong branch upload :(

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Awesome, also?

First, this is a fantastic addon, I love it. I immediately grabbed it and made a wizard to teach them how to use guns and I'm even artificially limiting my ability to belt out spells so i have an excuse to use guns.

Though I do wonder if you'd be willing to throw together a means of buying unarmed mastery similarly to these archery talents? Could make it an 8th Combat Training talent you can buy extra (similar to earning Exotic Weapon Mastery from a warrior escort). I've seen a number of classes that would have an interesting time punching things rather than what they usually do.

Not sure if bug, but...

The icons for the generic masteries use the ? icon. Why not use the sling and bow mastery icons for the generic version? Also, for some reason after unlocking the Generic Bow/Sling mastery tree for a bulwark it triggered steamtech drops and I was finding schematics.

Those issues has been fixed

Those issues has been fixed in version 0.0.3.

1. Icons -- I was short in

1. Icons -- I was short in time to set things properly, hence I was left tis minor matter for next weekend (I hope I will be relatively free).
2. Steamtech after generics -- Ops, this is really bug. AFAIU, I forget to comment-out relevant line after testing. :( Thank you for this feedback, chronosplit.