Solar Gun Weapons

Solar Gun Weapons

This Addon creates the Sungun class and adds Solar Guns for it to use, along with many talents - all based on the Boktai series of games for the Gameboy Advance.

Changes & Features:

+ Solar Guns & Solar Batteries are created, and drop in the world.

+Sungun is an available class under the Celestial class set.

+ A Lens Talent Tree is available to swap damage type.

+An Explosives Talent Tree is available to deal with groups of foes.

+ Solar Spells, inspired directly by Boktai, are available for use in a Talent Tree.

+Darkness Spells, inspired directly by Boktai, are available for use in a Talent Tree.

+ Multiple new Talents are created, including some of the ones listed above.

-Dual-gunning with Solar Guns has been removed. Knives are starting equipment for a reason.
-Element-changing Battery Egos have been removed. Lens Talents replace them, and swapping ammo for damage types is kinda :c
-Honestly I can't even remember what else, I did a lot.

Current missing features:
-Solar Guns do not have a moddable tile to appear on the character, instead appearing as bows with a sling pouch for ammo.

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Not particularly bad, not

Not particularly bad, not very good. Problems are many talents seems to lack level requirements, there are no advanced talents to explore at high levels, light weight and greater rannge of the guns seem overpowered, there are no actual reason to get more than 1-2 Lens talents, so you could just make it 1 talent similar to the staff one. This is just from one run. Plus, some talents look useless leading to probably just one working build being complete at level 20 or about it.