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Solar Gun Weapons

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This Addon creates the Sungun class and adds Solar Guns for it to use, as well as creating a new talent tree - all based on the game Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. It is a heavy Work in Progress, but it is being worked on daily.

Current features:
-Solar Guns & Solar Batteries are created, and drop in the world.
-Sungun is an available class under the Celestial class set. It contains three new Ability Trees: Solar Magic, Darkness Magic, and Solar Gun Training.
--Solar Magic contains Freezetouch, Dash, Sunburst, and Dynamite.
--Darkness Magic contains Dark Shove, Batsense, Darkburst, and Darkness Root.
--Solar Gun Training so far contains Solar Gun Mastery & Solar Grenade.
-The currently-available Solar Guns can be dual-wielded and fired from the offhand with no penalty. You now spawn with a Knife in your mainhand and a Solar Gun in your offhand.
-There's a small handful of custom Battery egos that change the damage type available.
-There's a small handful of custom Solar Gun egos that greatly enhance elemental damage.

Current missing features:
-Solar Guns do not have a moddable tile to appear on the character, instead appearing as bows with a sling pouch for ammo.

Concepts that may or may not be implemented:
-Other models of Solar Guns and their respective ammo types. Currently only Pistols are available.

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