Exotic Weapons Highest Stat Only

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Changes Exotic Weapons Mastery to use the highest of strength or dexterity, since the two weapons that use Exotic only use one stat each.

nsrr's Exotic Weapons

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Adds more Whips and Tridents to the game. Formerly, this was part of my Naloren Race add-on.

Tridents are unchanged, aside from rarity.
As vanilla ToME only has artifact whips, this add-on adds base whips of all teirs. Whips require dexterity, have an 80% dexterity damage modifier, and have a +procs damage accuracy bonus (the same as staves).
Additionally, whips and tridents can be purchased from weapon stores (dagger and mace shops, respectively) and purchased from the rand art merchant. Affected shops have had their inventory size slightly increased to adjust for the greaeter variety.

Credits: I borrowed the whip graphic from grayswandir's Weapon Pack add-on, and bits of code for adding exotics to shops and the rand art merchant from HousePet's Midnight add-on.

Unlock Exotic Mastery

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Are you tired of needing to rescue a Warrior escort before you can train Exotic Mastery? Then this is the addon for you!

This addon gives access to the Exotic Weapons Mastery talent by default so it can be trained on any character with Technique/Combat Training. It should be compatible will all other addons.

Thrown Weapons

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Adds in javelins and shurikens.

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