Rogue Mobility

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Adds the Mobility Generic Tree to:
- Rogues (Locked, 1.3 mastery)
- Skirmishers (Unlocked, 1.1 mastery)


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An experiment trying to rework and partially merge field control, mobility, acrobatics, and survival

Hurried Halfling

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This adds the Hurried Halfling race, as discussed here and here.

  • Tier 1 - Duck and Dodge: Quickly duck and dodge past enemies, travelling to target space up to 3 spaces away. This can let you pass through enemies, and will not break Wild Speed.
  • Tier 2 - Indomitable: Halflings have one of the most powerful military forces in the known world and they have been at war with most other races for thousand of years.
    Removes 2-6 stun, daze, or pin effects, and makes you immune to stuns, dazes and pins for 2-6 turns.
    This talent takes no time to use.
  • Tier 3- Evasive Maneuvers: Halflings have always been a very organised and methodical race; the more foes they face, the more organised they are.
    Whenever a melee attack is made against you, you gain a 10% evasion rate for 2-6 turns. This can stack up to 2-6 times, but each creature may only give you this bonus once. (This will reset when you leave the level.)
  • Tier 4 - Fleet of Foot: Halflings have long known that sometimes, the best response to danger is to run away.
    Whenever you take more than 14%-10% of your max life in a single hit (currently X), you will gain a Wild Speed effect for 1 turn, increasing your movement speed by 200%-500%. (This will deactivate if you take any action other than movement.)


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A magical class based on creating and shattering illusions.

Conveyance Reward for Tempest Peak

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This adds the Spell/Conveyance tree as a reward for completing the Tempest Peak questline for Angolwen. All the code is borrowed from DG's own, and thus everything works the same as antimagic characters getting Fungus.

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