Pre-Paid Hiemal Shield

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If you capture a soul via Soul Leech while you are at maximum soul capacity and your Hiemal Shield is depleted, allows you to store the soul in a temporary Hiemal Buffer to be used to pay the soul cost the next time your Hiemal Shield regenerates (normal mana costs still apply).

Necro NegLife+

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Makes a couple of tweaks to Necromancer to make it less prone to accumulating disproportionate amounts of positive life, thus helping its 0-life threshold gimmicks retain relevance:

Blurred Mortality now converts half of your maximum life bonus from Constitution to negative death threshold, retroactively. This is a relatively minor change, but it will at least stop Constitution from giving a greater proportion of positive life to negative life per point at high levels.

Lichform will convert half of the maximum life you gain from levelling up after transforming to negative death threshold (non-retroactively). Instead of drastically increasing the proportion of positive life to negative life to the point where the latter is practically dwarfed and never encountered outside of extreme situations, Lichform will now cause you to break perfectly even, and in most cases will in fact slow the rate at which you gain positive life. (Credit to GlassGo on the forums for suggesting this behaviour!)

These tweaks will likely cause some level of disruption to Necromancer's power balancing, so any feedback given on the forums towards further polishing would be appreciated. Enjoy!

Skeletal Lichform

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Makes Lichform turn you into a skeleton and not a baconman.

Lichdom Buff Addon

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Changes Lichdom talent to retroactively increase life rating based off talent level.

Dread Necromancer

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The Dread Necromancer is a complete reimagining of Necromancer - while it shares many of the themes and names, and has a few talents retained, it's effectively an entirely new take on the class.
It still uses mana and souls, but souls behave quite differently. You can store up to 5, and regenerate and can retain up to 3 out of combat. Damage dealt by you and your minions grant soul fragments, and you gain a soul when you obtain a sufficient amount. Souls are used both to summon minions, and for your more powerful spells.
Depending on your categories chosen you can have powerful, temporary minions, weaker mass minions that last indefinitely in combat, or a single minion with customization options.

See the forum thread for full details.

Better Mages and Rogues

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Minor buffs to some classes.
This is really just for my own usage, but I can't stop you if you want to download it.

Reduce stealth cooldown 10 -> 5, changed max power 64 -> 150
Traps now last 10x as long (8 -> 80)
Traps have their cooldowns halved
Husks can be created from unique creatures (the description already makes this seem possible)
Husks don't unlearn bone shield
Aura Mastery max size +5 -> +7
Aura Mastery min decay rate 3% -> 1%
Brotherhood of Alchemist elixirs no longer get poached

Lichform Limitbreak

Short Name: 

Modifies Lichform to account for unusually high talent levels.

Minions Tweak

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Attempts to make minion necromancer builds a bit more fun, while keeping it relatively balanced.

Necrotic Minions

Necrotic Aura - increased decay rate by 5%.
Aura Mastery - max radius is increased to 10.
Dark Empathy - is now tier 3.
Surge of Undeath - is now tier 4; has better scaling.


Lichform - increases necrotic minions mastery by 0.1 at talent lv 3 and 0.2 at lv 5.


Shadow Tunnel - evasion duration increases with talent points.
Curse of the Meek - minor cosmetic change (less likely to summon bunnies).

Advanced Necrotic Minions

Undead Explosion - damage type depends on the minion used. Credit goes to HousePet.

Minion Mastery - Vampire minions have the same talents as enemy vampires. Wights have talent masteries like enemy wights. Barrow wights are replaced with emperor wights. And dreads are replaced with dreadmasters.


Is now a generic tree.

Call of The Divine

Short Name: 

This addon revamps the Divination tree to make its ease of use match its usefulness.
The tree is now much more focused on Arcane Eyes, providing defense and utility based on them.
Additionally, it modifies Vision runes and Sun infusions.

Eternal Darkness

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Adds many new spells for Necromancer and modifies many existing spells, effects and minions. See thread for full details.

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