Minions Tweak

Minions Tweak

Attempts to make minion necromancer builds a bit more fun, while keeping it relatively balanced.

Necrotic Minions

Necrotic Aura - increased decay rate by 5%.
Aura Mastery - max radius is increased to 10.
Dark Empathy - is now tier 3.
Surge of Undeath - is now tier 4; has better scaling.


Lichform - increases necrotic minions mastery by 0.1 at talent lv 3 and 0.2 at lv 5.


Shadow Tunnel - evasion duration increases with talent points.
Curse of the Meek - minor cosmetic change (less likely to summon bunnies).

Advanced Necrotic Minions

Undead Explosion - damage type depends on the minion used. Credit goes to HousePet.

Minion Mastery - Vampire minions have the same talents as enemy vampires. Wights have talent masteries like enemy wights. Barrow wights are replaced with emperor wights. And dreads are replaced with dreadmasters.


Is now a generic tree.

Minions Tweak forum discussion thread
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