Auto Use Tweaks

Auto Use Tweaks

Tweaks the auto use options for talents.
Adds a bunch of options merged from the great but lacking Safer Automatic Talents by Phoenix1 and useful but limited-option Extended Auto-Use by DeathBySnooSnoo. UPDATE: As well as some work by tsedaka and auto-accept-spell-target by Stuntofthelitter.

Default hotkeys:
  • Toggle auto-accept-target ALT+F1
  • Toggle auto-use on/off CTRL+P (or ALT+SHIFT+P for a separate additional disable)
  • Change auto-use-custom-priority ALT+SHIFT+O
  • Toggle auto-use-custom-priority ALT+SHIFT+X

It has 106 options currently, to cover most situations.

Bind multiple to left click [don't forget alt+shift+o for this]
While Resting
Status effects (phys/mag/mind)
Enemy Visibility
Player Life %
In talent range
Enemy within 2 tiles
Enemy Adjacent
Non-elite mobs
Enemy can attack you this turn
No-enemy-within-2-tiles for rush type spells or general safety for ranged

Talents requiring an enemy will not auto-use if under 50%mana or 25%vim or 25%stam.

Changelog (cause comment system's busted):
Added more left click options, everything available previously but only when left clicking (minus a few pointless) (scroll down to the bottom one before hotkeys for a good RUSH [has minimum range] one
"you left click" will try to move in range before triggering the spell without continuing to check more spells
"you left click and are in range" will check other spells before deciding to move towards the target

Replaced the 'bind to left click' feature with one involving auto use.. can set multiple spells to left click on an enemy and it will use with normal priority. Can customize order with alt+shift+o as per usual. One spellcast per click, top priority first, will move towards target with normal pathfinding if out of range of top priority spell.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Hello! I'd really like the 50% hp trigger option. I have no clue how to install this mod tho, only used to steam mods. Any tips maybe? Thank you!

Addon install

Click the download link and save the .teaa to your addons folder. For a steam install it's something like: c/program files/steam/steamapps/common/TalesMajEyal/game/addons

Hope that helps :)

pain suppressor salve

I want to use it every X turn or check the same old buff.

pain suppressor salve

I want to keep the pain suppressor salve all the time, but using two Medical Injector is a waste.

While Resting does not work. (check Quick draw)

pain suppressor salve

I want to use it every X turn or check the same old buff.

pain suppressor salve

I want to keep the pain suppressor salve all the time, but using two Medical Injector is a waste.

Auto use sound effects

I was playing around with an adventurer mixing some steamgun and archery trees and noticed that the replaced version of the left click options wasn't playing the sound effect for the gun. Removing the addon and using the vanilla left click bind did play the sound. I might investigate further in the future but that's what I know about the issue for now.

Lua Crash

Not really sure where to post this so I decided to place it here. I've been having consistent crashes with the auto use ability, cast when visible turn off when no more enemies. Trying out a few differnt classes and abilities all leads to it crashing with this error.

lua Error: /mod/addons/auto_use_tweaks/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:357: attempt to call method 'useTalentOrItem' (a nil value)

    At [C]:-1 useTalentOrItem
    At /mod/addons/auto_use_tweaks/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:357 automaticTalents
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:672 act
    At /mod/class/Player.lua:373 act
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:129 tickLevel
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
    At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:1386 

I'm not really sure where I would place this report so I sent it here.
Did some additional testing with only this mod active, disableing all add-ons even the official ones, and I still get a crash so I think it may be an issue with the base game.


Alright, went through tsedaka's latest version and deathbysnoosnoo's latest version and my first version and made a mishmash, mostly because I wanted an option for rush-style (aka minimum range) spells. The auto-targeting-spells feature integrated by tsedaka and created by Stuntofthelitter is in here too. Lastly, if the player is under 50%mana or 25%vim or 25%stam things won't autocast as a precaution.

Dev notes: Some of deathbysnoosnoo's work on item using is in the codebase but none of it has the ui coded, might look at that later; in theory just adding his Minimalist2/Classic changes back in to \mod\class\uiset would work.... except they're who knows how far outdated and I have no interest in UI changes right now. They are superloads though, so not terribly hard to fix if broken.

Nice job combining those

Nice job combining those addons, I used them both (not at once) and I love the functionality.
Would be very cool if several auto-use options could be turned on at once for the same ability (for example: when below half life or when suffering from a detrimental effect). If you're to add more triggers it's essential.
I'm not sure if it's intentional that "Auto-use when available" doesn't trigger while resting. Were it possible to set two conditions this wouldn't be a problem.
Thanks for you work!

Very Cool

Thanks for taking up the work on this aravan. I unfortunately dont have much time to work on this any longer. There were some pretty cool suggestions and requests on the extended auto-use form that may be useful.

I'm not the one making the

I'm not the one making the add-on, I'm just a guy commenting on it!


Doh. Thanks xetaxheb.