Auto-self-cast Arcane Eye

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Automatically cast Arcan Eye on self when enemies are not visible and it's at level 4+ and it's not active

Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)

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(Original addon by Alzrius)

Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Additional functionality:
- Trigger gambits with left and middle mouse click
- Interface: Folded several conditions together
- Added Steam resource conditions
- Added "number of targets to hit" conditions (for AOE attacks)
- Cancel sustained talents on custom conditions
- Match sustained talents on specific buff conditions

Automatic Talent Gambits

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Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Version 1.4.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Infusions/runes/item actives now preserve gambits when being replaced and are included in export/import.
• Unlearning a talent no longer removes associated gambits, so gambits assigned to temporary talents will not be lost.
• Added new target filter: "Greatest number of enemies/allies affected".
• Gambits now work when configured on companions.
• Fixed heavy weapons not working with gambits.
• Cancel buff action can now deactivate sustains.
• Added Steam and Insanity resources.
• Added an option to export gambits to the death menu.
• Consolidated resource conditions.
• Fixed Endless Woes and Elemental Surge prodigies having a 1 turn cooldown instead of the intended number.

Personal Auto Use

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A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter. Customized for personal use.

Tsedaka Safer Auto Use

Short Name: 

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter

No-Friendly-Fire Autocast

Short Name: 

Adds an autocast option that will not cast while friendlies are in range. Nice for twilight surge for Anorithil

Custom Auto Use

Short Name: 

Adds additional options to talent auto-use
Allows for extended auto-use of items and talents.
YOU CAN NOW RIGHT CLICK ITEMS in the hotkey bar!!!!!
A modification of xetaxheb's work.

Auto Use Tweaks

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Tweaks the auto use options for talents.
Adds a bunch of options merged from the great but lacking Safer Automatic Talents by Phoenix1 and useful but limited-option Extended Auto-Use by DeathBySnooSnoo. UPDATE: As well as some work by tsedaka and auto-accept-spell-target by Stuntofthelitter.

Default hotkeys:
  • Toggle auto-accept-target ALT+F1
  • Toggle auto-use on/off CTRL+P (or ALT+SHIFT+P for a separate additional disable)
  • Change auto-use-custom-priority ALT+SHIFT+O
  • Toggle auto-use-custom-priority ALT+SHIFT+X

It has 106 options currently, to cover most situations.

Bind multiple to left click [don't forget alt+shift+o for this]
While Resting
Status effects (phys/mag/mind)
Enemy Visibility
Player Life %
In talent range
Enemy within 2 tiles
Enemy Adjacent
Non-elite mobs
Enemy can attack you this turn
No-enemy-within-2-tiles for rush type spells or general safety for ranged

Talents requiring an enemy will not auto-use if under 50%mana or 25%vim or 25%stam.

Changelog (cause comment system's busted):
Added more left click options, everything available previously but only when left clicking (minus a few pointless) (scroll down to the bottom one before hotkeys for a good RUSH [has minimum range] one
"you left click" will try to move in range before triggering the spell without continuing to check more spells
"you left click and are in range" will check other spells before deciding to move towards the target

Replaced the 'bind to left click' feature with one involving auto use.. can set multiple spells to left click on an enemy and it will use with normal priority. Can customize order with alt+shift+o as per usual. One spellcast per click, top priority first, will move towards target with normal pathfinding if out of range of top priority spell.

Safer Automatic Talents

Short Name: 

Expands automatic talent usage. Name is a misnomer now, since this is less about safety and more about extended options, but that's what I called it originally, so whatever.

Extended Auto-use

Short Name: 

Adds additional options to talent auto-use

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