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Automatic Talent Gambits

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Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Version 1.4.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Infusions/runes/item actives now preserve gambits when being replaced and are included in export/import.
• Unlearning a talent no longer removes associated gambits, so gambits assigned to temporary talents will not be lost.
• Added new target filter: "Greatest number of enemies/allies affected".
• Gambits now work when configured on companions.
• Fixed heavy weapons not working with gambits.
• Cancel buff action can now deactivate sustains.
• Added Steam and Insanity resources.
• Added an option to export gambits to the death menu.
• Consolidated resource conditions.
• Fixed Endless Woes and Elemental Surge prodigies having a 1 turn cooldown instead of the intended number.

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