Automatic Talent Gambits

Automatic Talent Gambits

Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Version 1.4.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Infusions/runes/item actives now preserve gambits when being replaced and are included in export/import.
• Unlearning a talent no longer removes associated gambits, so gambits assigned to temporary talents will not be lost.
• Added new target filter: "Greatest number of enemies/allies affected".
• Gambits now work when configured on companions.
• Fixed heavy weapons not working with gambits.
• Cancel buff action can now deactivate sustains.
• Added Steam and Insanity resources.
• Added an option to export gambits to the death menu.
• Consolidated resource conditions.
• Fixed Endless Woes and Elemental Surge prodigies having a 1 turn cooldown instead of the intended number.

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Talent use stops auto explore outside of combat

Is there a way to avoid talent use outside of combat stopping auto explore? Casting arcane eye, vision, track(I would assume), etc. outside of combat stops auto explore.

Would be nice if it didn't, so one could i.e. constantly cast track outside of combat and then set auto explore up to stop upon rank x+.

My favorite mod

Grateful for this mod, it is my must-use now. However, it does currently break Elemental Surge and Endless Woes by removing their cooldowns.

Steam missing, otherwise brilliant.

I love this plugin, I find it both easier to use and more powerful than any other auto-talent plugins I have found.

However, it is missing some resource types from its list, in particular Steam would be useful, but also Insanity (less useful). The other condition I would like to see added is upon resting.

It also appears to override the "restart sustains" from the Zomnibus addon. That's fine, it's easy to make them restart with gambits.

Thank you

Thank you