No More Level Ten Warnings

Short Name: 

Removes the "only offers talents at level 10" warning, allowing you to spend category points in advance.

Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)

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(Original addon by Alzrius)

Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Additional functionality:
- Trigger gambits with left and middle mouse click
- Interface: Folded several conditions together
- Added Steam resource conditions
- Added "number of targets to hit" conditions (for AOE attacks)
- Cancel sustained talents on custom conditions
- Match sustained talents on specific buff conditions

Automatic Talent Gambits

Short Name: 

Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Version 1.4.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Infusions/runes/item actives now preserve gambits when being replaced and are included in export/import.
• Unlearning a talent no longer removes associated gambits, so gambits assigned to temporary talents will not be lost.
• Added new target filter: "Greatest number of enemies/allies affected".
• Gambits now work when configured on companions.
• Fixed heavy weapons not working with gambits.
• Cancel buff action can now deactivate sustains.
• Added Steam and Insanity resources.
• Added an option to export gambits to the death menu.
• Consolidated resource conditions.
• Fixed Endless Woes and Elemental Surge prodigies having a 1 turn cooldown instead of the intended number.

Insane/Madness Last Hope Spawn

Short Name: 

Spawns the player directly in Last Hope if it detects the game is set to Insane or Madness difficulty.

The starting quest is forced to the default Allied Kingdoms quest, "Of trolls and damp caves".

Always center your character

Short Name: 

Always center your character

Classic UI Buff Removal

Short Name: 

Allows the player to remove beneficial effects with a left click in classic ui.

Auto Gem

Short Name: 

Automatically extract gems instead of transmogrify.

Safer Automatic Talents

Short Name: 

Expands automatic talent usage. Name is a misnomer now, since this is less about safety and more about extended options, but that's what I called it originally, so whatever.

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