Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)

Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)

(Original addon by Alzrius)

Allows customization of automatic talent usage in the style of FF XII gambits.

Additional functionality:
- Trigger gambits with left and middle mouse click
- Interface: Folded several conditions together
- Added Steam resource conditions
- Added "number of targets to hit" conditions (for AOE attacks)
- Cancel sustained talents on custom conditions
- Match sustained talents on specific buff conditions

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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I think this broke the game.

I think this broke the game. I did the following:

- Create a Call of the Crypt gambit with the target as Nearest Ally.
- Create a Dread gambit with the target as Self.
- Create a Dig gambit with the target as Self.
- Remove the gambit from Dig.

The result is that ANY targeting talent just gets autocast. Once I reloaded the game, it turns into an error. The log complains about Zomnibus, but it's probably just because it has a lower weight.

Amazing mod

Unfortunately breaks Endless Woes and Elemental Surge prodigies by removing their cooldowns, making them ridiculously overpowered... however, I'm so thankful for this mod (not sure I want to even play without it) that giving those two prodigies up is a fair trade. The original also broke EW and ES.

Could you add a condition to

Could you add a condition to 'did/did not open a vault door in at least X turns' -- though maybe that would play not so nice with the 'the conditions have been true for at least X turns' condition, which is also very useful.

I want to disable the gambits while opening vault doors (or for that matter, triggering shields).

Also saving the gambits to file and loading them automatically on a new character would be nice, though not indispensable.

visible rank

I have a question. What is "visible rank"?

Re: visible rank

The visible rank conditions count the number of visible enemies of rank X+. See for a description of what rank is. Hopefully that helps!