Tsedaka Safer Auto Use

Tsedaka Safer Auto Use

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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New error with 1.5 version of tome

here is the error (randomly happened on character gen):
Lua Error: ...ns/tsedaka_safer_auto_use/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:3: module 'mod.shesh.threats' not found:

    no field package.preload['mod.shesh.threats']
    no file '/mod/shesh/threats.lua'
    At [C]:-1 
    At [C]:-1 require
    At ...ns/tsedaka_safer_auto_use/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:3 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/nullpack/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:19 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/player-ai/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:47 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At .../addons/improved-restauto/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:23 
    At [C]:-1 require
    At ...ns/sk_multi_class_challenge/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:26 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/zomnibus/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:21 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/faster_rre/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:20 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/easy_map/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:30 base
    At /loader/init.lua:174 loadPrevious
    At /mod/addons/no-decay/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:1 
    At [C]:-1 require
    At /mod/load.lua:329 
    At [C]:-1 require
    At /engine/Module.lua:160 load
    At /engine/Module.lua:1028 instanciate
    At /engine/utils.lua:2243 showMainMenu
    At /engine/init.lua:172 
    At [C]:-1 dofile
    At /loader/init.lua:217 



Can I upload my personalized version of this? The baseline lacks mana/stamina conditions and is hard to navigate because of the sheer number of variations. If I don't hear back in a week I'll just go with the blanket permission given by the GPL license.

Don't hate me!

Please don't hate me.

I did my best after trying to understant Lua for 2 days...

what are the changes?

In what ways is this different then the base addon?

Just more options

First of all, I consider this to be only small tweaks. I suck at Lua and put my hands in it only a few hours to modify this addon.

Here is what it does:

Basically, it offers more auto-use conditions. The "Safer Auto Use Tweaks" has something like 17 possibilities, this on has 39.

It's pretty much the same kind of thing, but I also tried to make it even safer:

- Instead of the use when > or <50% hp, I put two options for 60% and 80% hp, so that you can put your shields (or anything else) earlier or just as soon as you take damage.
- I added a (hidden) condition to stop auto-use when you don't have enough mana... so that the auto-use never leaves you without mana running for your life (especially if it wastes everything against enemies resisting 100% of your type of damage)
- I added an option "Use whenever you are in danger" trying (and sadly sometimes failing) to see if you could be hit in the next turn(s). Personaly, I use it for my shield. I get better results with it than using my shields as soon as enemies are visible
- I reduced the treshold for dangerous mobs, so that you can auto-use your skill either against critters/normals and NOT anything stronger.

It's far from perfect, but up to nightmare, I can auto-clean Tier 1 and most Tier 2 maps with just a few clicks (provided I play a good class).

Awesome addon!

I love this addon is it possible for you to upload this to steam so I can grab my updates to it through there?