Inferno Race Pack

Inferno Race Pack

Adds a collection of my races.

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Reborn's second talent (the gloom-like one) constantly makes errors as it calls for nonexistent gloomTalentMindpower function.


disregard this

Shadow Race - Optional Talents

Kinda wish this came with the potential to learn all shadow related trees.

Here are a few I found that seem very very fitting.

Might come from other mods:

Cursed / One With Shadows
Cursed / Shadows
Cunning / Shadow Magic
Spell / Shades

Corruption / Shadowflame

Okay the last one might be pushing it but these seem extremely fitting with the theme of the race.
Maybe if you made a OP version, or one that worked like vampires where you gain a tree at talent level 5 of each racial ability.

Corrupted heart bug

I found a strange bug that i'm not 100% sure is this addon, race or class is guilty, but i will write in both addons comment fields.

I was playing a Shadow (Inferno Race Pack) Bladebender and used the Corrupted heart of the Sandworm Queen,
suddenly all required stat for all talents became magic.


nnnot really. If you try to load it, then shut tome, and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\TalesMajEyal and open te4_log.txt, and put the text in a pastebin or something to send to me, that might let me help. Maybe.

Can you look through my 100+

Can you look through my 100+ mods to tell me which one is conflicting with this class being added? cant make it to character creation with this one added, thanks.

You have to many addons in you folder limit is around 97

Your likely problem is that you have to many files if your total file count in the addons folder (not including folders). Reduce the number of files in your addon folder to 97 and place your none steam workshop addons that are inactive in a folder for storage and swap them out as you need em.