Dread Necromancer

Dread Necromancer

The Dread Necromancer is a complete reimagining of Necromancer - while it shares many of the themes and names, and has a few talents retained, it's effectively an entirely new take on the class.
It still uses mana and souls, but souls behave quite differently. You can store up to 5, and regenerate and can retain up to 3 out of combat. Damage dealt by you and your minions grant soul fragments, and you gain a soul when you obtain a sufficient amount. Souls are used both to summon minions, and for your more powerful spells.
Depending on your categories chosen you can have powerful, temporary minions, weaker mass minions that last indefinitely in combat, or a single minion with customization options.

See the forum thread for full details.

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The class is too strong. And also too boring, combining worst aspects of Suummoner and Corona Anorithil.


might help if ya put a suicide command on that bone giant, otherwise, we might well be stuck playing as it. lmao

LUA error

http://oi63.tinypic.com/ 1o9m4i.jpg
Got this with no addons beyond official DLC. And even with the DLC disabled, purely just this turned on. Happens whenever you enter combat after learning ghoul mastery, when attempting to summon them.
Posting here instead of thread because I don't know my forum name.
Looks like putting a single point into master necromancer fixes it. Taking it back out brings back the lua errors. This is why most never noticed the error; they put points in MN on spawning in. Maybe its trying to give them resistances regardless of talent level, then realizing it can't.

Really good

Makes necromancer actually fun to play. Well designed skills. However I believe there may be a bug in how the Bone Golem works with the exploding ghouls, I don't think Bone Golem is affected by the healing from the Ghouls that explode, not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but it does say that the exploding ghoul talent is supposed to heal allies so shouldn't that include the bone golem?


The Corpselight visual effect is really difficult to see anything under.