Necro NegLife+

Necro NegLife+

Makes a couple of tweaks to Necromancer to make it less prone to accumulating disproportionate amounts of positive life, thus helping its 0-life threshold gimmicks retain relevance:

Blurred Mortality now converts half of your maximum life bonus from Constitution to negative death threshold, retroactively. This is a relatively minor change, but it will at least stop Constitution from giving a greater proportion of positive life to negative life per point at high levels.

Lichform will convert half of the maximum life you gain from levelling up after transforming to negative death threshold (non-retroactively). Instead of drastically increasing the proportion of positive life to negative life to the point where the latter is practically dwarfed and never encountered outside of extreme situations, Lichform will now cause you to break perfectly even, and in most cases will in fact slow the rate at which you gain positive life. (Credit to GlassGo on the forums for suggesting this behaviour!)

These tweaks will likely cause some level of disruption to Necromancer's power balancing, so any feedback given on the forums towards further polishing would be appreciated. Enjoy!

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Necro NegLife+ v1.0.0 1.7.2 2021-01-06 05:19

Possible bug

I checked out the discussion forum for this mod and saw someone report a issue that they were dying while still having negative health left and it reminded me of a necromancer run I did with this mod where it felt like I was dying suspiciously early in some fights.

The mod works correctly.

After a second playthrough with the mod it seems it works as intended.