Evolution for Brawler

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Currently adds one evolution, the Tempered Hand.
As a Tempered Hand, the brawler gains these benefits while wearing gauntlets:
The damage bonus of your Striking Stance scales on Strength and scales higher than before.

When you enter combat while all of your talents are off cooldown, you gain 1 combo point.
When you strike an enemy with a melee attack, you have a 30% chance to gain 1 extra combo point, 1 time per turn.
When you kill an enemy, you gain 1 extra combo point, 1 time per turn.
When you land a melee critical, you have a 10% chance to gain 1 extra combo point, 1 time per turn.

When you gain combo points you also gain 15% of a turn per point gained (points that would be gained beyond your limited do not count).

When you would generate combo points beyond your limit, each extra point will increase your maximum number of counter attacks by 1 for 1 turn.

When you spend combo points you will instantly trigger Open Palm Block for the same number of combo points, ignoring cost, cooldown, and failure chance.
When Open Palm Block prevents damage, the source of the damage is Staggered for 2 turns, reducing Def and Phys Save and making them more vulnerable to counter attacks.
If the target is already Staggered, you make a free Counter Attack against them (does not count toward your Counter Attack per turn limit).
Counter Attacks against Staggered opponents will always attempt to stun (even if the opponent is not grappled)
Staggered cannot be saved against; Defense and Save reduction improve with your Physical Power.

Quick Combos

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Lets you link together instant talents so that you can use them with one button press.


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Adds a new Psionic class (since their numbers are few anyways) that is a combo of rouge, solipsist and mindslayer. Focus more on combat than staying in the back, but still has the capability to do so.


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Adds a new wilder class with the abilities of a oozemancer and mindslayer. More focused on defense.


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Adds a new class-the Archreaver-that is a combination of Archmage and Reaver. The archreaver has 4 unique talent trees as well as a couple vanilla talent trees. More info at the forum thread.
Icons made by Zerru.

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