Rise of the Ooze

Short Name: 

Adds Oozewalkers, antimagic powered undead who are incapable of using infusions but gain powerful racial talents. They also begin in a new starting town (shared with Oozemancers).
Additionally, people beginning in this starting zone can complete the quest Storming the City through it to gain a different reward.
Note: This is the first release and the Storming the City alternate reward is a very strange item, so it may not function as intended for all sustains. Additionally, balance may not be spot on yet, balancing is hard and I am not good at it.

Full Details:
Racial Talents:
Infusion of Slime - Use one Infusion from your inventory, putting the talent on the cooldown of the inscription plus five.
Oozing Blood - Gain a regeneration effect for 5/6/7 turns, scaling with the greater of Willpower and Constitution.
Jelly Form - Gain many weak resistances. None of the resistances values are high enough to be reliable, but it gives a lot of them, so.
Dissolving Dash - Dash to a location, moving through enemies to a tile 5-10 tiles away and corroding everything you pass through, reducing their resist all for a short time.

Reward from Storming the City with the Oozing Cradle:
Phosphorus Heart, a Lite with the ability to steal magical sustains and cause enemy sustains to randomly fail within radius 5.

Zilquish Race

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Adds the Zilquish race, an artificial lifeform created by necromancers based on the accidental birth of the first skeletal ooze. They're tough, and can use natural talents. Comes with one secret unlockable feature, and one less secret unlockable feature! They will be added to the racepack on its next update, but for now here they are alone.


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Adds a new wilder class with the abilities of a oozemancer and mindslayer. More focused on defense.

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