Corrupted Skeleton

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A few changes to skelly I thought would make it actually interesting to pick for some classes as it previously was easily the worst race because it didn't cover any of the weaknesses or encourage any synergies with any class. These changes make Skeleton focused a lot more on being a tank, which its talents originally hinted at.

The first talent now gives a massive amount of physical saves that scale with constitution. This replaces the duration reduction of the third talent. The duration reduction is largely a useless stat if you can't get it to 100% reduction as debuffs are either "I don't care about this" or "I want this gone immediately." Immunities have typically always been the go to. Most classes have their immunites or debuff clears as their third or final talent, so putting this as the first talent gives some incentive to use this over Shalore.

Originally it was going to be full physical debuff immunity like with Spine of the World but after some deliberation I figured this was too good. I kind of like the saves here as a way to demonstrate just how much is needed to be good. The numbers for this are chosen that provided you put in significant investment, it should provide excellent returns such that it's the only source of physical save needed on difficulties of insane or lower.

The third talent now gives you the Corruption/Bone tree. This here because I thought this would be fun, and thematic.

I got a bit of feedback that people wanted a mobility tree on Skeleton, but honestly I feel like that removes one of the interesting weaknesses of the class, that you are forced to use blink rune for mobility. This drawback provides some interesting decisions in what to select for your race and I think it should remain to encourage strategic building.

Also: Reassemble now scales with Constitution. Both Bone Armour and Reassemble's descriptions have been updated to fully detail the things they scale with. They previously did not mention that they scale with your max HP.

Classes that would be good with this skelly rework: Classes without a lot of defenses, classes with a lot of mobility, classes with the Corruption/Bone tree, classes that don't need to focus on 3 non-Constitution stats.

Update 1.2.0
The first talent and Reassemble both used to scale with Constitution but considering no classes use Con and you still want Magic for Bone Shield scaling and to make Bone Grab work, changing the Con scaling to Dexterity make the race pair better with more classes, since many triple stat using weapon classes utilize Dex.

Also I fixed a couple of bugs. Learning the Bone talents now correctly gives the Vim resource bar and puts them on your hotbar automatically.

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