Adventurer Mastery

Adventurer Mastery

Changes the mastery of the Adventurer's talents to 1.3 and gives it 1 more category point, 2 extra talents points and 2 extra generics.

Now, there are quite a few addons that do similar things, however they tend to overwrite the adventurer birth data, making them incompatible with other changes to the class.

This addon should be compatible with either :

Slightly More Adventurous :

    - allows adventurer to use talents from classes that don't spawn on randbosses
    - still checks race/class compatibility so stonewarden talents are only for dwarf and undead cant get wilder talents

Much More Adventurous :
- temporarily incompatible (use previous version of this addon instead)

    - allows the adventurer to use every talents, including monster only and debug talent trees. 
    - tends to have issues with classes from other addons due to the way it loads their data.

Improved Adventurer :
    - my own adventurer skill addon. 
    - allows the adventurer to use talents from every race and class, including locked ones and those normaly incompatible with your character.
    - use this one if you use addons that add new classes/races and want their talents on an adventurer

Note : use only one of those three. They are not compatible with eachother

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Temporary removal of "much more adventurous" patch 1.7.2 2021-06-05 11:26
Fixed case 1.7.2 2021-06-02 01:28
initial release 1.7.2 2021-05-30 09:28

Quirks of the addon loader

So it seems it's an issue with the difference between how uncompiled/compiled addons load addons, yet again...

when superloading/overloading, what is an optional dependency when uncompiled become a requirement once uploaded and outright stops the addon from loading if not met.

So while I can guarantee it works now (tested it by deleting the dev folder and downloading it), it's temporary incompatible with "Much More Adventurous" until I find a workaround.

Yes, it does indeed work now

Just wanted to confirm what you said that the addon does now work. Thank you :)

Still doesn't work..?

I even redownloaded it. I tried to disable addons(other than ignore class/rc unlock and dlc).

Should be fixed now.

Should be fixed now.

It was a problem with the addon loader being case sensitive but only when in .teaa format.
I wrote "Superload" instead of "superload" and could not find the issue when testing since it was a folder on my end (so not case sensitive)

My other addons had the same problem and no one even noticed.

Doesn't work?

Even when turning off other addons it doesn't seem to work.