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Crazy Character

I was determined to have a successful Yeek. My previous attempts had been sad failures, the best getting to the hive mother before being utterly destroyed. So, I decided to do something a little crazy. Yeeks definatly don't have the stats for it, but all my most successful characters are warriors, so I made a Yeek Warrior. I thought that the stats might suck, but with shield wall and Unity, this character would not suffer being frozen, stunned or confused all the time as previous characters of mine have. To get to the point, this character was my most successful Yeek, killing both Murgul and the Hive Mother. However the main directive of this character was to save the Wayist. This was a dismal failure as Subject Z made quick work of the NPC and then proceeded to destroy my Yeek Warrior. Maybe an alchemist would have better luck. The Yeek is more suited for that class.

Lost in the Void

It have a level 33 Thalore fighter. He is one of the best characters I have had, but I may have lost him to a glitch. I make use of the far portal for grinding whenever I can. Unfortunately on my latest expedition I have come across a level with no exit. I have not killed the boss yet, and there is no down staircase. I have teleported around the level, hoping to find some section I missed. Unfortunately I haven't. I have tunneled into nearly every part of the map and I still can't find a way to continue. Is there any solution or advise for this problem. I do not want to lose this character.


Last 16 Character

Beta 17 is out, but I have a level 17 halfling slinger still alive and kicking. I am a bit curious. I have accepted the quest "Storming the City", but I can't find the Apprentice Mage. Is there anything special I need to do to make him appear?

The Endless Sacrifice

I have been trying to unlock the skeleton race. I heard from a friend there is a chance of unlocking it every time a character dies to a skeleton, so I have created dozens of characters with the single mission of dying to skeletons. I have spent hours doing this. Is there any tips or tricks that could help me? I feel as if I am missing something. Also, can I remake the same character each time as the sacrifice, and does death to The Shade and the skeletal mold count?

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