Last 16 Character

Beta 17 is out, but I have a level 17 halfling slinger still alive and kicking. I am a bit curious. I have accepted the quest "Storming the City", but I can't find the Apprentice Mage. Is there anything special I need to do to make him appear?


Correction, it is the Novice Mage, not the Apprentice Mage and ironically, he showed up right after this post. Unfortunately my halfling lost his life in Daika...the mountain zone.

Apprentice Mage quest

Yeah its a slightly tough quest to complete anyway unless you get an artifact (randarts work just fine here) to complete it with. Otherwise you need to hold on to any rings/necks you find. Staves work too but weigh 5 which is a lot for most non-fighters and not insignificant even still.

Daikara is definitely no easy dungeon though at level 17 you should be fine as long as you have a way to avoid or remove confusion which is the most constant problem there. Also corridor fighting tactics (running backward to put monsters on traps, teleporting out when in trouble and making sure you aren't surrounded) are very important as well.