Yeeks can survive a win

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With this, the die-or-die situation is
avoided when yeeks win the game, nothing else. Only
sure to work with 1.4.8, since the final chat is just
replaced, checking for race Yak instead of race Yeek.

Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM

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Rebalancing Almost Completely Inferior and Superior Mooks aka RACISM!
Changes various Race's starting attributes in order to attempt to even stuff out.
List of changes, though I could have missed some stuff:
Yeeks no longer need to breathe and have +2 Life per level.
Skeletons have 10% less of an EXP penalty and have +2 Constitution at the start.
Ghouls no longer have the 20% Speed Penalty, they also have more breath.
Swapped Thalore and Shalore EXP penalty so Thalore have 25% and Shalore have 35%.
I have left various comments noting my changes so you can see them during Character Creation.

Playable Yaech Race

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Adds Yaech as a playable race, as water breathing psionics with a leaning towards cursed.

Yeeks start in Trollmire

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Yeeks begin their journeys in the Trollmire. Was created by request and isn't at all elegant, simply moves their starting zone. Might eventually polish it some, who knows.

Yeeks Look Like Shalore

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Changes the Yeek graphics to the Shalore graphics. That is pretty much it. Created at the request of a friend.

Crazy Character

I was determined to have a successful Yeek. My previous attempts had been sad failures, the best getting to the hive mother before being utterly destroyed. So, I decided to do something a little crazy. Yeeks definatly don't have the stats for it, but all my most successful characters are warriors, so I made a Yeek Warrior. I thought that the stats might suck, but with shield wall and Unity, this character would not suffer being frozen, stunned or confused all the time as previous characters of mine have. To get to the point, this character was my most successful Yeek, killing both Murgul and the Hive Mother. However the main directive of this character was to save the Wayist. This was a dismal failure as Subject Z made quick work of the NPC and then proceeded to destroy my Yeek Warrior. Maybe an alchemist would have better luck. The Yeek is more suited for that class.

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