Playable Yaech Race

Playable Yaech Race

Adds Yaech as a playable race, as water breathing psionics with a leaning towards cursed.

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Playable Yaech Race 1.3.0 2015-04-05 19:33

Solid so far

I actually also had the idea of making a Yaech addon - but slightly different.

Knowing that they were using Arcane and Kinetic a fair amount, I was thinking the racials could be implict of Yeek, but with the option to go down mag/psionics rather than straight into psionics. Stats are -Con, +Mag, +Wil, waterbreathing and +0/+5% XP.

Just food for thought :>

Looks good!

I can't imagine why someone gave it a low vote without commenting why. Anyway, the description writing is solid and it fits in very well, which to me is a big deal. And the race is solid. I like it.