Non-Orcs Start in Yeti Caves

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Arranges for characters in the Embers of Rage campaign from the Embers of Rage DLC (required) that would normally start in Vaporous Emporium (currently Yetis and Whitehooves) to start instead in Yeti Caves.

High Level Start

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This addon allows you to start at a higher level (18 for races with 0% xp penalty) with 500 gold and you get the generic points from the arena quest by default. This should allow you to skip the tier 1 zones. It also starts you with a rod of recall (and cloak of deception for undead) and set your initial quest to the t2 zones quest.
The Levels and item giving should work for DLC races/classes but their initial quest should still be the same (I dont have the DLC so i cant to make the changes and test it).

Starting Digger

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This mod adds a new artifact digger to your starting inventory for the Age of Ascendancy campaign.
Stats: 20 dig speed, +5 max life

Start Selector

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Allows characters created in the AoA campaign to access special starting zones normally restricted by race and/or class.

After the character is created and the level-up screen closed, a dialog will offer the option to transfer to one of the following starting zones (and gain associated quests, etc):

Sunwall. (Celestial Human/Elf Start)
Point Zero. (Chronomancer Start)
Irkkk. (Yeek Start)
Trollmire (Allied Start - must start elsewhere).
Searing Halls (Doomelf/Doombringer/Demonologist Start - requires Ashes DLC).
Kroshkkur (Demented/Drem Start - requires Cults DLC).

Choosing to start in the Sunwall will set your faction to 'Sunwall' regardless of race.
Choosing to start in Irkkk will set your faction to 'The Way' regardless of race.
Choosing to start in Trollmire or Searing Halls will set your faction to 'Allied' if you are undead.
Choosing to start in Kroshkkur will set your faction to 'Sanctuary of Horrors' if you are undead.
Choosing to start in Point Zero or Kroshkkur will also teach you the corresponding 'Teleport:' spell, which cannot be unlearned. As these are spells, knowing one will prevent you from entering Zigur or betraying escorts.
You will not recieve the Cloak of Deception if you select a new start as undead, but your faction will be changed as listed above and you will not need it.

Demented Classes for Embers of Rage

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 Allows you to create Demented metaclass characters in the Embers of Rage campaign. 

You will still need to have the class unlocked, and requires completion of the 'all class types' unlock condition for EoR.

Class Start Priority - Undead Version

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A variant of Keevan's Class Start Priority addon, modfied with great incompetence by Parcae to allow Undead to access Ashes of Uhr'rok starting zones.

Round'em Up And Then Drown'em

Short Name: 

Drowning gets you good items but walking the whole big towns searching for rares is tedious.
Enter Round'em Up, which lines them nicely for you to see at once.
Changes are made only to towns where drowning is possible.
Good synergy with Marson's Character Recycler which lets you restart by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L instead of suiciding.

It works by overloading the town file with changed npc generation boundaries.

I'm a programming noob (or even less), so go easy on me. There should be no errors though, only changes are 4 number values for each town.

PS. I can't help but feel there was a better way of doing this. Sorry this addon is so heavy.

Class Start Priority

Short Name: 

Edits class birth descriptions to ignore the lore-based race checks when assigning the starting zone. Any race that is not flagged with a no-start-override (i.e. all standard races aside from undead) will now be able to begin in class-based starting areas, such as those for Archmages and Chronomancers.

Notably, this should allow most addon races to access these starting areas.

Dwarfs start in Trollmire!

Short Name: 

Changes starting zone of dwarfs to Trollmire. Great for creating dual-shield adventurers on Insane/Madness.

Yeeks start in Trollmire

Short Name: 

Yeeks begin their journeys in the Trollmire. Was created by request and isn't at all elegant, simply moves their starting zone. Might eventually polish it some, who knows.

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