High Level Start

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This addon allows you to start at a higher level (18 for races with 0% xp penalty) with 500 gold and you get the generic points from the arena quest by default. This should allow you to skip the tier 1 zones. It also starts you with a rod of recall (and cloak of deception for undead) and set your initial quest to the t2 zones quest.
The Levels and item giving should work for DLC races/classes but their initial quest should still be the same (I dont have the DLC so i cant to make the changes and test it).

More Experience with High(er) Level Enemy

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If your level is lower than the target's, you will get more experience.

Adjustable Exp

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This addon allows players to adjust the amount of exp they gain per kill via Game Options.

The current allowable range is 0% - 1000%, with 100% being the default rate. The range can be expanded if there's demand for it.

The adjustment rate will be set to the default of 100% for each new character made, and once set will remain persistent for that specific character.

Also, the level cap on gaining exp from lower leveled opponents has been removed for increased flexibility.

Please let me know if there are any issues.

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