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Experience Reducer is an addon that lets you reduce the amount of experience you receive upon killing foes. Think of this as a sort of inverse of the Experience Controller addon.

The mod provides various options for reducing the amount of EXP you gain based on mob difficulty. Mostly intended for people using Custom Difficulty and are tired of leveling too fast in nightmare, or for people who just want an even more challenging playthrough on harder difficulties.You can enable/disable or alter the settings at any time and it will immediately take effect upon newly slain foes. Also applies to the infinite dungeon if you so choose.

Experience Reducer is off by default, and must be deliberately enabled within the settings menu.
Once the addon is enabled and your character is loaded, open game settings and navigate to the gameplay tab. Scroll down and look for "Experience Reducer".

Enemy Rank Experience Scaling

The Rank scaling mode allows you to reduce the amount of impact elites, rares, bosses, ect. have on your exp gain. In vanilla these can get very high. This is the primary reason you level so fast in insane or above--there's just way more high rank enemies, and they all have big exp multipliers. I have provided a few different modes to help reign this in.

Doesn't change anything compared to original game.

-Reduced (default):
Meant to make Insane/Madness difficulties less fast. It takes the rank multipliers for vanilla and scales them back by about 30% for higher ranked enemies in the normal campaigns, and about 20% for infinite dungeon. Critter and Normal enemies will give the same exp as in vanilla.

-Rank Matching:
The exp multiplier for high rank enemies will now match their game rank. For example, A boss enemy is considered 'rank 4', and within vanilla would provide 25 times the normal experience amount. With this mode applied, that boss will instead provide only 4 times the normal experience value.

Higher rank enemies will be significantly less rewarding. Critter and Normal enemies will give the same exp as in vanilla.

Note that while playing within Infinite Dungeon, this mode will feel much more subdued due to its similarity to the exp rates already found there in vanilla.

Global Experience Multiplier

Pretty self explanatory. All experience you receive will be multiplied by this amount. This value is applied after the alterations from the rank scaling mode setting. This configuration might be preferred if you don't really like the behavior of the ranked scaling modes and just want less exp overall.

Changing this value to 1 will be the equivalent of changing nothing--vanilla behavior. A value of 0 will prevent you from getting any experience at all.


It should go without saying, but you probably should not use this mod together with Experience Controller. I have not gone out of my way to test the actual conflicts, but they touch the same code with completely opposite behavior. I can make no promises on what will happen if you try and run both at the same time.


The entirety of the code for this addon was shamelessly ripped from Errant Nyles' addon, Experience Controller. I merely inverted the behavior and made my own formula. But suffice to say that if their addon did not exist, neither would this one. I am waaaay too lazy to actually learn the nuances of lua, let alone the tome engine. So thanks to them for making that.

High Level Start

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This addon allows you to start at a higher level (18 for races with 0% xp penalty) with 500 gold and you get the generic points from the arena quest by default. This should allow you to skip the tier 1 zones. It also starts you with a rod of recall (and cloak of deception for undead) and set your initial quest to the t2 zones quest.
The Levels and item giving should work for DLC races/classes but their initial quest should still be the same (I dont have the DLC so i cant to make the changes and test it).

More Experience with High(er) Level Enemy

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If your level is lower than the target's, you will get more experience.

Experience Controller

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Experience Controller is an addon that lets you change the amount of experience you receive upon killing foes.

You can enable/disable it realtime and it will work from the next kill onward. It also works for arena and infinite dungeon alike.



How to enable/disable or configure this addon:

  • Download, install and activate it. Start a New Game.
  • You can enable/disable or change mode, set the amount of flat experience or multiplier to apply to each future kill from the "Gameplay" settings in-game.


Modes functionality:

  • VANILLA -> Doesn't change anything compared to original game.
  • BALANCED (default) -> Gives on general more experience to the player on higher difficulties than original game, depending also on the rank and level of the defeated enemy.
  • VERY FAST -> Gives 250% flat experience compared to original TOME.
  • FLAT -> Each kill gives X experience points, regardless of what you kill or what level you/they are. How much per kill can be configured in the Gameplay settings.
  • CUSTOM -> Multiplies by X all the experience you gain from kills. You can set your own multiplier in the Gameplay settings.
  • INSTANT LV50 -> One kill for LV50. A cheat way to test out new builds REALLY fast.




Update v4.0.1

* Fixed a few typos and minor logging issues


Update v4.0

* Compatible with TOME v1.7.4

* Added multiple customization possibilities in-game and reworked functionality of all the addon

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