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Almost-Roguelike Permadeath Option

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Based on "Semi-Roguelike Mode" by Zizzo, but more restrictive. Adds a new permadeath option that may give you an extra life at certain parts of the campaign; however, you can only store up to 1 of these extra lives.

Specifically, you will gain an extra life (if you don't have one already) upon clearing all T2 zones, going East the first time, and making it to High Peak.

What's the point? I want the feel of the "Roguelike Experience(tm)" most of the time, but after sinking a certain amount of hours into the character, it becomes particularly painful to lose it (especially since you've already been able to get through arguably the game's most difficult sections), and by the nature of the game's difficulty curve this can severely limit your ability to practice clearing the endgame zones. The extra lives are capped at 1 so the feeling of limited resources is still there (similar to if you had found the Blood of Life, though this works independently of that mechanic).

Custom Difficulty

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Allows you to set the level of enemies, the frequency of rare creatures, and some other elements of difficulty independently during character creation, to make the game as easy or hard as you like.

If you make the game at least as hard as a vanilla difficulty setting, you qualify for that difficulty's achievements.
If you make the game easier than normal in any way, you're set to Easy mode and disqualified from achievements.

This mod will be incompatible with other mods that re-arrange the character creation screen.

Irrational Difficulty Mode (Harder Nightmare)

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Adds a new difficulty in between Nightmare and Insane to help prepare for the latter. If you've beaten standard Nightmare a few times though, you'll probably want to just try Insane and see if you like it.

Randboss Rando

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Massively spikes Rare counts as the game progresses, and even adds in Randbosses in the late game.

As of 1.4.2, the player can fully control the spawn rate of Rare and Randboss class enemies to suit their gameplay style.

Everything is Unique! Fork

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A fork of Everything is Unique. Its broken. Use Randboss Rando instead. https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/randboss_rando

Everything is Unique! Compability Fix!

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Quick fix to allow compatability with adjustable levels mod.

Difficulty Addon

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Adds in the Intense, Brutal, and Chaos difficulties, stepping stones between the vanilla difficulties, and additionally grants free stat bonuses based on difficulty level.

Customizable NPC Tweaks

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This addon allows you to tweak various stats of npcs to increase the difficulty of the game.
Big thanks to tiger_eye for letting me use his double-npc-life addon as a base.

Currently supports:
Resist All (+ Resist All Cap)

-Has separate options for each Rank of enemy, so you can decide just how hard you want it.
-Changes to the config will take effect upon entering another level.
-Will not be able to make the game easier.
-Husked, Hexxed, and Yeekified enemies will lose all bonuses.

Future plans:
Individual Resists
Resist Penetration

Better Tactical AI

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reworks the tactical information in hundreds of talents, as well as minor changes in the AI itself. This should mean that enemies make better tactical decisions, as well as preventing stupid ones as well (eg. attacking when out of range, healing when at full HP)

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