Almost-Roguelike Permadeath Option

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Based on "Semi-Roguelike Mode" by Zizzo, but more restrictive. Adds a new permadeath option that may give you an extra life at certain parts of the campaign; however, you can only store up to 1 of these extra lives.

Specifically, you will gain an extra life (if you don't have one already) upon clearing all T2 zones, going East the first time, and making it to High Peak.

What's the point? I want the feel of the "Roguelike Experience(tm)" most of the time, but after sinking a certain amount of hours into the character, it becomes particularly painful to lose it (especially since you've already been able to get through arguably the game's most difficult sections), and by the nature of the game's difficulty curve this can severely limit your ability to practice clearing the endgame zones. The extra lives are capped at 1 so the feeling of limited resources is still there (similar to if you had found the Blood of Life, though this works independently of that mechanic).

Softcore Death

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Allows you to move to a more forgiving permadeath setting when you die.

If you are in Roguelike, you can switch to Adventure and carry on from the Eidolon plane.
If you are a donator, you can switch to Exploration when you die and carry on from the Eidolon plane.
Previous achievements are kept. Future achievements will be based on your new permadeath rating.

When you switch to Adventure, you have the same amount of bonus lives you would have had if you had been playing Adventure the whole time (minus the one you just lost).

New in 1.2.0 - If you are a donator, you can give yourself more adventure mode lives. You will only earn Exploration achievements from then on, but enemies will recover when you die, letting you retry fights as many times as you want.

Every time you use this addon, DarkGod cries a single tear
This Superloads DeathDialog.lua in a non-destructive way and should not have many conflicts.

Roguelike Chat Guard

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Modifies the key bindings of certain chat dialogs so that characters bound to movement actions are not associated to chat options, to avoid accidentally selecting one of the chat options if the dialog pops up unexpectedly. This is primarily useful for players that use the traditional "roguelike" keybindings (hence the addon name), some of whose movement keys coincidentally (and annoyingly) correspond to the "exit" option of certain chats.

By default, the following chat dialogs are currently modified by this addon:

  • The lumberjack quest chat.
  • The "lost kitten" chat.

You can use game options "[ZOmnibus] | Avoid movement chars in chat dialogs" and "[ZOmnibus] | No hotkeys in chat dialogs" to modify the behavior of other chat dialogs.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack.

Frequently Asked Question:

Roguelike Keybindings

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Adds new game option "UI | Roguelike keybindings" that can be used to alter the game's movement keybindings to the classic "roguelike" or "Vi keys" style, useful for laptops or other keyboards that lack numeric keypads.

The keybindings modified by this addon are as follows:

  • Move left: h (RL) vs. Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Move right: l (RL) vs. Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Move up: k (RL) vs. Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Move down: j (RL) vs. Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally left and up: y (RL) vs. Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally right and up: u (RL) vs. Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally left and down: b (RL) vs. Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally right and down: n (RL) vs. Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Stay for a turn: Comma (RL) vs. Keypad5 (dflt)
  • Run left: Shift-h (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Run right: Shift-l (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Run up: Shift-k (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Run down: Shift-j (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally left and up: Shift-y (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally right and up: Shift-u (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally left and down: Shift-b (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally right and down: Shift-n (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Attack left: Ctrl-H (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Attack right: Ctrl-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Attack up: Ctrl-K (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Attack down: Ctrl-J (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally left and up: Ctrl-Y (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally right and up: Ctrl-U (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally left and down: Ctrl-B (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally right and down: Ctrl-N (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Show message log: Ctrl-M (RL) vs. h (dflt)
  • Show quests: Ctrl-Q (RL) vs. j (dflt)
  • Look around: x (RL) vs. l (dflt)
  • Use items: a (RL) vs. u (dflt)
  • Toggle movement mode: Shift-V (RL) vs. Shift-B (dflt)
  • Show Lua console: Alt-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-L (dflt)
  • Lock tooltip in place: Alt-Shift-L (RL) vs. Shift-L (dflt)
  • Lock tooltip in place while comparing items: Alt-Ctrl-Shift-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-Shift-L (dflt)

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

Angelus Errare

Short Name: 

Increases the chance for special farportal events after winning the game. Eases access to the eidolon plane for roguelike winners.

Semi-Roguelike Mode

Short Name: 

Adds new "Semi-Roguelike" permadeath modes that give extra lives later in the game than Adventure mode, and a new achievement "Honorary Roguelike Win" for winning the game in a Semi-Roguelike (or Adventure) mode without dying.

The new permadeath modes give extra lives on completion of certain game events, as follows:

  • Semi-Roguelike (mild): [Age of Ascendancy]
    • Completing the "Into the darkness" quest
    • Going to the East
    • Completing the portal back to the West
    • Completing the portal back to the East
    • Clearing two of the Orc Prides
    • Clearing all four Orc Prides
    • Entering High Peak
  • Semi-Roguelike (barbecue): [Age of Ascendancy]
    • Clearing Dreadfell
    • Going to the East
    • Clearing each of the four Orc Prides
    • Entering High Peak
  • Semi-Roguelike (sweet&sour): [Age of Ascendancy]
    • Defeating Urkis
    • Rescuing Melinda
    • Clearing Dreadfell
    • Going to the East
    • Clearing the Shadow Crypt
    • Completing the Temple of Creation quest by killing either Slasul or Ukllmswwik
    • Clearing Elven Ruins
  • Semi-Roguelike (spicy): [Age of Ascendancy]
    • Going to the East
    • Completing the portal back to the West
    • Completing the portal back to the East
    • Clearing each of the four Orc Prides
  • Semi-Roguelike (szechuan): [Embers of Rage]
    • Securing a path to the mainland
    • Freeing each of the four Orc Prides
    • Destroying the Sunwall
    • Defeating the Atmos Tribe leaders in the Palace of Fumes

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

(My) First winner - summoner (roguelike)

Hello everyone, I must say I rather enjoyed my first full playthrough. It was reasonably easy in the beginning and only got easier as the game progressed.

A few words for anyone trying to run a summoner, based on my own experiences with "Wrage the Higher Summoner".

In general gameplay as a summoner is - as mentioned - simple (if a bit dull) when you get the hang of it. My own character focused on defensive aspects by getting antimagic and wearing heavy armor along with a shield (talent requirements met early with help of stat boosting items).

High points: great staying power against theoretically stronger enemies. Orc ambush was easy. So was nearly every other fight.

Low points: very long last fight and fight against your corrupted twin (I nearly gave up both times). Dealing with strong regenerative abilities is hard and requires some masterful summon placement and abuse of time-prison from warper.

What to do: boos hydra fast as it is your main fighting power, jelly is essential for keeping equilibrium down (and antimagic shield up). Make sure you get at least one level of control summon so that you can modify ai settings for your summons (esp. talent usage). There's little point in boosting warhound, it's just too weak. Getting more meditation is equally pointless, same for detonation past one point. I can't say I found rage any good either. Beware of archers.

What I'd do differently: I wouldn't bother with the 4th infusion - boosting Summoning / Melee is a better choice. Evasion (from Cunning) was useless - there was always a better action to take. Antimagic is barely worth it due to loss of arcane items.

And now for the dirty tricks you can (but really won't have to) use:
- summoning through walls makes short work of every room, works on vaults too,
- summoning before switching locations keeps your creatures, it also works with entering and leaving the worldmap (I'm sure that one is a bug).

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