Softcore Death

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Allows you to move to a more forgiving permadeath setting when you die.

If you are in Roguelike, you can switch to Adventure and carry on from the Eidolon plane.
If you are a donator, you can switch to Exploration when you die and carry on from the Eidolon plane.
Previous achievements are kept. Future achievements will be based on your new permadeath rating.

When you switch to Adventure, you have the same amount of bonus lives you would have had if you had been playing Adventure the whole time (minus the one you just lost).

New in 1.2.0 - If you are a donator, you can give yourself more adventure mode lives. You will only earn Exploration achievements from then on, but enemies will recover when you die, letting you retry fights as many times as you want.

Every time you use this addon, DarkGod cries a single tear
This Superloads DeathDialog.lua in a non-destructive way and should not have many conflicts.

Adventurers Pack

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Adds 3 new dungeons to the world map (blood soaked ruins, infested ruins & wolfmire) these dungeons will have unique boss and lore spawns. 8 new bosses have been added that will spawn in the new dungeons (they will also spawn in Infinite Dungeon)

Over time I will be adding more dungeons to explore and bosses to defeat! I also have plans to create new mobs and mob variations, create unique artifacts and eventually implement a quest system to reward you for defeating the new bosses (since quests are not yet implemented bosses will drop gold upon death.

IMPORTANT: I am unable to respond to comments on this site as my comments keep getting blocked as spam! If you have issues/bugs/requests you will need to post your comment on the STEAM Workshop addon page here: So I can see/respond to you there.


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Adds new caves and creatures.

Achievement Fix

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Creates a set of adventure mode achievements for Nightmare and Insane difficulties.
Creates a set of roguelike achievements for Normal difficulty.

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