Pickup chat info tweaks

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Show the short display of an item's type + egos when you pick it up. Also sends it to the chat window (as a fake whisper from yourself) to avoid combat spam hiding it (ideally this would be a separate window, but effort).

Also removes gold pickups from the log.

Roguelike Chat Guard

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Modifies the key bindings of certain chat dialogs so that characters bound to movement actions are not associated to chat options, to avoid accidentally selecting one of the chat options if the dialog pops up unexpectedly. This is primarily useful for players that use the traditional "roguelike" keybindings (hence the addon name), some of whose movement keys coincidentally (and annoyingly) correspond to the "exit" option of certain chats.

By default, the following chat dialogs are currently modified by this addon:

  • The lumberjack quest chat.
  • The "lost kitten" chat.

You can use game options "[ZOmnibus] | Avoid movement chars in chat dialogs" and "[ZOmnibus] | No hotkeys in chat dialogs" to modify the behavior of other chat dialogs.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack.

Frequently Asked Question:

Item Link Verification

Short Name: 

Simple addon to request confirmation before linking items into chat.

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