Return of the Gunsnake

Short Name: 

Creatures without hands are allowed to be tinker classes again.

Expect not just gunsnakes, but gunbears, gunjellies, sawcrystals, ivyannihilators, and more.

You will regret using this addon.

Tinker vs. Tinker

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Enemies can only spawn as steamclasses if you have tinkers yourself.

Irrational Difficulty Mode (Harder Nightmare)

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Adds a new difficulty in between Nightmare and Insane to help prepare for the latter. If you've beaten standard Nightmare a few times though, you'll probably want to just try Insane and see if you like it.

Multi-Class Challenge + Randboss Rando Bundle

Short Name: 

Originally separate addons by Starkeep, I take no credit for his work and spliced these two addons only to see if I can do it, and so I can tweak some numbers without my save getting invalidated. Again, all credit for the main addon body all goes to StarKeep. I merely spliced the addon together for my amusement and convenience.

Allows the player to pick multiple classes, as well as giving the option to spawn rares and randbosses, and control loot quality and spawn rate. Added a setting for the experience penalty from MultiClass Challenge.

In order to activate this addon, go to your Game Options for a new tab.

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