Return of the Gunsnake

Short Name: 

Creatures without hands are allowed to be tinker classes again.

Expect not just gunsnakes, but gunbears, gunjellies, sawcrystals, ivyannihilators, and more.

You will regret using this addon.

Mob Class Adjuster

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Allows you to toggle which classes can or cannot appear on random bosses and rares.

Tinker vs. Tinker

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Enemies can only spawn as steamclasses if you have tinkers yourself.

Round'em Up And Then Drown'em

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Drowning gets you good items but walking the whole big towns searching for rares is tedious.
Enter Round'em Up, which lines them nicely for you to see at once.
Changes are made only to towns where drowning is possible.
Good synergy with Marson's Character Recycler which lets you restart by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L instead of suiciding.

It works by overloading the town file with changed npc generation boundaries.

I'm a programming noob (or even less), so go easy on me. There should be no errors though, only changes are 4 number values for each town.

PS. I can't help but feel there was a better way of doing this. Sorry this addon is so heavy.

No More Rare Monsters

Short Name: 

Get rid of those constant one-shot encounters. Elites and Bosses untouched.

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