Round'em Up And Then Drown'em

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Drowning gets you good items but walking the whole big towns searching for rares is tedious.
Enter Round'em Up, which lines them nicely for you to see at once.
Changes are made only to towns where drowning is possible.
Good synergy with Marson's Character Recycler which lets you restart by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L instead of suiciding.

It works by overloading the town file with changed npc generation boundaries.

I'm a programming noob (or even less), so go easy on me. There should be no errors though, only changes are 4 number values for each town.

PS. I can't help but feel there was a better way of doing this. Sorry this addon is so heavy.

Additional Randart Properties

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Adds many new randart properties to Tales of Maj'Eyal, with the goal of making rare items (pink) and randart items (orange) more varied. Some existing randart properties are also tweaked. This addon only affects randart properties; egos, even when they appear on randarts, are completely unchanged. This addon aims to be balanced and should not significantly increase or decrease the overall power of randarts for any class.

New properties for all randarts:
- Resist all. Numbers are much lower than individual damage type resistances.
- Increment all damage. Numbers are much lower than individual damage type bonuses.
- Resistance penetration for all damage. Numbers are much lower than individual damage type penetration bonuses.
- Luck bonus. This is less common than bonuses to the 6 core stats (strength, dexterity, etc.), but has the same magnitude.
- Talent type mastery. Like amulets of mastery/perfection, only talents the player can obtain are eligible.
- Talent on hit (spell), talent on hit (nature), and talent on hit (mindpower).
- Movement speed.
- Maximum positive/negative energy. (Both are always found as a pair)
- Flat damage reduction. As found on Striking Stance, the Eternal Night set, etc.
- Psi on crit/kill.
- Hate per kill.
- Paradox anomaly reduction.
- Size category.
- Stealth bonus.
- Armor hardiness.

New properties for randart weapons (including shields, gloves):
- Lifesteal.
- Talent on hit.

Existing randart properties that are changed:
- Arcane resistance is now given the same increment and cap as nature/blight/light/darkness. Its rarity has not changed.
- die_at ("Only die when reaching: -40.00 life") is nerfed to be a maximum life boost instead, to prevent degenerate swapping.

There is also a new option in the debug menu, "Create Randart", for stress testing purposes. Note that generating level 1,000,000+ randarts takes a significant amount of time, so if you ask for a hundred level 1,000,000,000 randarts you may have to wait several hours.

This addon just uses hooks to add new randart properties and modify some existing ones. It should be compatible with pretty much anything.

Weight: 10707



- Removed Acidbeam and Oozebeam as talent on nature/mind hit options due to their Psiblades requirement. Replaced them with Flamespit.
- Removed combat/spell/mind speed as randart properties (too much annoying math).
- Added new properties: paradox anomaly reduction, size category, psi per kill, hate per kill, stealth bonus, armor hardiness.
- Adjusted point cost and maximum of positive/negative energy bonus so that it maxes out less often.


- Disabled life leech. Weapons can still get lifesteal.
- Fixed flat damage reduction and resist all never appearing.
- Made mastery and talent on hit more focused (you are less likely to get mastery to multiple categories, or multiple talents on hit).
- Increased point cost of talent on spell/mental/nature hit.
- Increased point cost of combat/mental/casting speed.
- Added the "attack" keyword to talent on spell hit.
- Removed Maelstrom as a talent on hit.
- Removed Disperse Magic as a talent on hit.
- Enabled Dirty Fighting as a rare talent on hit, now that it would no longer grant the player free turns.


Initial release

Disable Sawbutcher Rares

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Removes the sawbutcher class from random generated npcs.

Everything is Unique

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Bite-Sized Update:
Replace some enemies with powerful Randbosses. Enemies of a Unique rank or higher, who are given random class talents.
Every rank of enemies has their own tier of loot.
As you level up, you'll see more of these buggers walking around.

You spawn at level 12, and can level up to a maximum of 200.

Increase your rank as you slay your foes.

You can see your kill counts and your rank experience in the quest log.

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