Everything is Unique

Everything is Unique

Bite-Sized Update:
Replace some enemies with powerful Randbosses. Enemies of a Unique rank or higher, who are given random class talents.
Every rank of enemies has their own tier of loot.
As you level up, you'll see more of these buggers walking around.

You spawn at level 12, and can level up to a maximum of 200.

Increase your rank as you slay your foes.

You can see your kill counts and your rank experience in the quest log.

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Amount of Editions

I am trying EV2-ES. You should explain what different ones are. Hopefully i dont get smacked around the map by 10 different badass boss lol


The description should probably mention that you need another addon to achieve levels 50+, else the faster levelling won't make any sense...

Additionally, it is pretty unbalanced, full of unkillable bosses. Distasteful kind of madness, use at your own risk.