Randboss Rando

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Massively spikes Rare counts as the game progresses, and even adds in Randbosses in the late game.

As of 1.4.2, the player can fully control the spawn rate of Rare and Randboss class enemies to suit their gameplay style.

Everything is Unique! Fork

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A fork of Everything is Unique. Its broken. Use Randboss Rando instead.

Everything is Unique! Compability Fix!

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Quick fix to allow compatability with adjustable levels mod.

Half-Finished Bone Giant Nerf

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Modifies the Half-Finished Bone Giant undead starting dungeon boss to be less overpowered:
- Level range reduced from 7-infinity to 4-5.
- Dexterity reduced from 52 to 24.

Marson's Bosses Gone AWOL

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The addon you hope you never have to use.

If all goes well, you never have to touch it. Behind the scenes, BGA monitors the location of every NPC on the current map level.

• In cheat mode you can use CTRL-B to pull up a list of all NPCs with details about their locations. Cheat mode will stamp your character, but it can be used as a last resort to see if a quest-required boss has gone all-out missing or not.

• If an NPC goes outside the map borders or into the middle of a wall (and it isn't a ghost), BGA will notify you and allow you to relocate the offender to a random free tile somewhere else on the level so that you can reach it. The NPC will not be placed into a vault, but it may be in a secluded room you have to dig to reach. Some levels have rooms behind undiggable walls that aren't marked as vaults. At this point, there isn't much that can be done about those locations beyond using a teleport of some sort.

• If a summons is temporarily removed from the level via Time Skip, it remains in your party. If you leave the level before the summons returns, the connection to the summons is severed and it becomes a not-there party member. If you return to the previous level, the original summons will come back out of Time Skip, but it will now be a separate entity from the one that's in your party. The one on the level will sit there and then decay. The one in your party will not decay and will take up a summons slot from that point on, but will not be on any level you visit. BGA will remove the summons in the party slot if the connection is broken, clearing it for future summons.

• If an NPC spawns and is then killed in the same turn, it can sit on that tile 'dead'. If a creature—including yourself—walks over that tile, a clone will be made, possibly creating an impassable roadblock. Hitting CTRL-C will cycle through all tiles on the level and remove any clones it finds.

• Some rooms will spawn a large group of NPCs. If there are more NPCs than tiles, they will exist 'out of phase'. You can't see or target them and can walk through them as if they didn't exist, but party members may attack the tile they are on. If the NPC has an AOE effect on them, such as an Empire Wight's lighting, it may strike you. You may also hear any sounds associated with the NPC. BGA will 'rephase' the NPC once the square they are on is unoccupied. If the tile and NPC are in sight, you will get the message, '[Name] steps out from hiding.' This may result in an unexpected enemy or two showing up in packed rooms once available space is made.

• Log will flush after special actions are taken so that cut/paste is available immediately.

• Checks for invalid Dark Fey Clones (StarKeep's Faerie Race addon)

+ Bugfix: Limmir disappearing immediately after quest completion. Removed check for 'mod.class.PartyMember' on non party members.

v2.2.2 - Compatible with ToME 1.1.5 to 1.2.2

      • This addon cannot be used to cheat and will not reveal any details about NPCs under normal play circumstances. If an NPC needs to be relocated, you will be presented with its current location and why the addon determined that there was a problem, but the new location is not revealed.***

Everything is Unique

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Bite-Sized Update:
Replace some enemies with powerful Randbosses. Enemies of a Unique rank or higher, who are given random class talents.
Every rank of enemies has their own tier of loot.
As you level up, you'll see more of these buggers walking around.

You spawn at level 12, and can level up to a maximum of 200.

Increase your rank as you slay your foes.

You can see your kill counts and your rank experience in the quest log.

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