Half-Finished Bone Giant Nerf

Short Name: 

Modifies the Half-Finished Bone Giant undead starting dungeon boss to be less overpowered:
- Level range reduced from 7-infinity to 4-5.
- Dexterity reduced from 52 to 24.

Beholder (Continuation)

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Adds Beholders as a playable race. Created by ajfluffy (design, code and conception) and rexorcorum (ideas and artwork), this addon is now being maintained by Nagyhal under the guidance of rexorcorum in ajfluffy's absence.

Edit: Had to change the addon's short_name, and so v1.0.6's automatic upload helpfully made us a completely new addon page. Of course it's all on Steam, which is beautiful (thank you DG!), but I'm hoping we can merge the older versions into this thread. We'll look at it tomorrow.

Edit of the edit: In the meantime, players who have fallen afoul of my clumsy Flame Laser bug are encouraged to upgrade to v5.9.2 for compatibility reasons. Have fun and happy facemelting!

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