Beholder Talents in Talent UI

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Places the beholder talents in a passive tree for Werekracken's Beholder Fork so they can't(hopefully) fail to be given to the player in if the player is missing can just rebuy the passives

Werekracken's Beholder Fork

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This addon is a fork of the Beholder (Eye Fix) (, which was a fork of Beholder (Continuation) (, which was a fork of Beholder race/classes ( It's been over a year since Beholder (Eye Fix) was updated last and it's been broken for a while, so here is the third fork.

Adds Beholders as a playable race and the Mage Eye as a Beholder only class.

Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon is recommended in conjunction with beholders because it's fun to see their size change as they grow.

Beholder race

Beholders resemble floating orbs of flesh with large mouths, a single central eye, and lots of smaller eyestalks on top with deadly magical powers. Instead of gaining category points as they level, they must absorb energy from arcane items to grow. They cannot wear most equipment, but have lots of tentacles and eyes.

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +0 Constitution, +3 Magic, +4 Willpower, +2 Cunning

+ 10% Lightning, Fire, and Cold resist

-20% movement speed

Race trees

- race/beholder: Basic abilities common to all Beholders.
- technique/tentacle-combat: Strike nearby foes with your tentacles.

Mage Eye class

Mage eyes focus on harnessing the powers of their eyestalks.

+ 6 Magic, +3 Willpower

Generic trees

- spell/aegis
- spell/divination
- spell/conveyance
- cunning/survival (locked)
- technique/tentacle-combat: Strike nearby foes with your tentacles

Class trees

- spell/phantasm (locked)
- spell/meta
- spell/fire-eye: Flame eye abilities
- spell/frost-eye: Frost eye abilities
- spell/lightning-eye: Lightning eye abilities
- spell/central-eye: Central eye anti-magic abilities
- spell/tri-beam (locked): Refocus your central eye's energies. You must reach the 3rd beholder growth stage to be able to learn this talent tree.
- spell/death-eye (locked): Death eye abilities. You must reach the 5th beholder growth stage to be able to learn this talent tree.

- v1.0.0 Took out some logic around redefining some AI rules for talent usage because it was breaking this from loading and breaking other add ons as well. Made Temporal Gaze thralls so that you can't switch and control them because that was causing errors too.
- v1.0.1 Fixed an issue that caused bump attacks to error in conjunction with other addons.
- v1.0.2 Fix Channel Mastery to correctly randomly use known masteries. Add sounds for Frost Laser and Lightning Laser.
- v1.0.3 Make Beholder playable in Embers of Rage.
- v1.0.4 Make all classes (except wilders) available to the Beholder race. Make beholders levitate by default instead of at stage 5 growth. Changed them from starting with 10 infravision to getting +2 infravision for each growth stage.
- v1.7.3 Bumping version number to fix the fact that tome version and addon version got switched up.
- v1.7.4 Change Temporal Gaze to not kill the target when it's over and to not follow you around. Reduce cooldown and duration of Temporal Gaze. Fix talent cooldown reduction while beholder addon is active (like with Windtouched Speed).
- v1.7.5 Make the Beholder cosmetic size changes into actual size changes as well. Add handling of Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon. Fix instant graphic update on size changes.
- v1.7.6 Update all beholder character models with new art from Rexocorum! Increase the amount of points it takes to grow for stages 3/4/5 and update the Beholder race quest information in the quest log. Take out display size changing with growth because Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon does a much better job of that. Add display of equipment for the Beholder and it's cloaked human model (but not at the character creation menu because of reasons.) Fix issue where growing while Cloaked made your character tile disappear. Take out chance for unique gems and rings on birth. Add quiver slot back in because some classes need it.
- v1.7.7 Fix starting rings. Improve quest information about growth. Fix alchemist golem tile.
- v1.7.8 Add a ring slot to replace the one lost by the quiver.
- v1.7.9 Re-fix beholder tile update on growth. When you change faction via your Cloak ability, the faction of your summons change with it. Take out T_ARMOUR_TRAINING = 2 from Beholder race definition, that should be class based.
- v1.7.10 Normalize talent levels (.0 or .3).
- v1.7.11 Fix Absorb Magic so you can only drain items whose material level is equal or higher than your growth stage (it wasn't being applied to unique and rare items).
- v1.7.12 Fix the Draining Gaze map effect so you can see the area of effect of your gaze.
- v1.7.13 Take the innate Use Tentacles off of non-Mage Eye Beholders and give them Tentacle Combat generic tree unlocked at 1.0 mastery (to help make up for not being able to wear most gear), and make Channel Mastery useful for classes other than Mage Eye. Fix error when trying to unlearn Tentacle Mastery. Add some base game spell talent trees to Mage Eye to keep up with the times (more options). Fix log lines for Manadrain Gaze effect damage. Add class icons from Rexocorum for Mage Eye.
- v1.7.14 Fix for compatibility with Zizzo's Passive Cooldowns.
- v1.7.15 Make Absorb Magic and Beholder's Cloak of Deception not unlearnable so that if auto-assign at birth is disabled new chars will still get them.
- v1.7.16 Fix faction when playing Recaiden's Demons campaign. Remove cooldown on Absorb Magic.

Beholder (Eye Fix)

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Adds Beholders as a playable race. Created by ajfluffy (design, code and conception) and rexorcorum (ideas and artwork), this addon is now being maintained by Nagyhal under the guidance of rexorcorum in ajfluffy's absence.

Original (steam version):

Update by Kish to remove purple gaze alpha that obscures the whole screen. Also modified central eye powers, replacing Paralyzing Gaze with Temporal Gaze.

v1.1.8-9: Potentially fixed some LUA errors. I don't know enough about LUA to fix the one you get when changing party members, sorry; that part of the mod is not one I messed with at all at any rate.
v1.1.7: Random bosses should no longer spawn with the Mage Eye class, which should also avoid certain LUA errors when it happened.

Beholder (Continuation)

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Adds Beholders as a playable race. Created by ajfluffy (design, code and conception) and rexorcorum (ideas and artwork), this addon is now being maintained by Nagyhal under the guidance of rexorcorum in ajfluffy's absence.

Edit: Had to change the addon's short_name, and so v1.0.6's automatic upload helpfully made us a completely new addon page. Of course it's all on Steam, which is beautiful (thank you DG!), but I'm hoping we can merge the older versions into this thread. We'll look at it tomorrow.

Edit of the edit: In the meantime, players who have fallen afoul of my clumsy Flame Laser bug are encouraged to upgrade to v5.9.2 for compatibility reasons. Have fun and happy facemelting!

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