Custom Difficulty

Custom Difficulty

Allows you to set the level of enemies, the frequency of rare creatures, and some other elements of difficulty independently during character creation, to make the game as easy or hard as you like.

If you make the game at least as hard as a vanilla difficulty setting, you qualify for that difficulty's achievements.
If you make the game easier than normal in any way, you're set to Easy mode and disqualified from achievements.

This doesn't let you customize: The increased chance enemies have to notice you at higher difficulties.

This mod will be incompatible with other mods that re-arrange the character creation screen.


  • mod/dialogs/birther.lua to add the new options.
  • mod/class/Actor.lua to allow the easy-mode status resistance
  • mod/class/Game.lua to change stair-wait-on-kill

Custom Difficulty forum discussion thread
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Custom Difficulty 0.2.2

Updated with buttons for easily switching to the standard, preset difficulties, and with support for Madness's new bonus life option.

please try to make it work

please try to make it work with everything is uniques, and force alternate zones.

Well done

Just wanted to comment to say this was very well done. Settings can be easily adjusted during character creation via a series of new fields to the right of the class selection list. Each field has a detailed description of how it works and what values are required to qualify for each difficulty. Very clean and clear.