Experience Controller

Experience Controller

Experience Controller is an addon that lets you change the amount of experience you receive upon killing foes.

You can enable/disable it realtime and it will work from the next kill onward. It also works for arena and infinite dungeon alike.



How to enable/disable or configure this addon:

  • Download, install and activate it. Start a New Game.
  • You can enable/disable or change mode, set the amount of flat experience or multiplier to apply to each future kill from the "Gameplay" settings in-game.


Modes functionality:

  • VANILLA -> Doesn't change anything compared to original game.
  • BALANCED (default) -> Gives on general more experience to the player on higher difficulties than original game, depending also on the rank and level of the defeated enemy.
  • VERY FAST -> Gives 250% flat experience compared to original TOME.
  • FLAT -> Each kill gives X experience points, regardless of what you kill or what level you/they are. How much per kill can be configured in the Gameplay settings.
  • CUSTOM -> Multiplies by X all the experience you gain from kills. You can set your own multiplier in the Gameplay settings.
  • INSTANT LV50 -> One kill for LV50. A cheat way to test out new builds REALLY fast.




Update v4.0.1

* Fixed a few typos and minor logging issues


Update v4.0

* Compatible with TOME v1.7.4

* Added multiple customization possibilities in-game and reworked functionality of all the addon

Experience Controller on Steam's Workshop
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Experience Controller v4.0.1 1.7.4 2021-07-05 19:49
Experience Controller v4.0 1.7.4 2021-07-03 14:24

Doesn't work for some reason


Same here

Set it to max EXP in everything to test guessing a update broke the mod shomehow and i don't see a fix happening.

It's great for testing new builds

Less grind to experiment with new builds - it works pretty well.