Lost in the Void

It have a level 33 Thalore fighter. He is one of the best characters I have had, but I may have lost him to a glitch. I make use of the far portal for grinding whenever I can. Unfortunately on my latest expedition I have come across a level with no exit. I have not killed the boss yet, and there is no down staircase. I have teleported around the level, hoping to find some section I missed. Unfortunately I haven't. I have tunneled into nearly every part of the map and I still can't find a way to continue. Is there any solution or advise for this problem. I do not want to lose this character.


Did you find the boss

The exit appears when you kill the boss... Did you mean that you have killed the boss?

I didn't see a boss

I haven't fought a boss yet. I know the purple exit portal does not appear on the map, but the boss has yet to present itself.

Truely lost to the void

The stairs never appeared, but the level above re-spawned monsters. After many times going back and forth between levels, hoping I had missed something, the re-spawns finally put a permanent end to my warrior's search for an escape. He will be remembered.

I know its too late now, as

I know its too late now, as you died, but couldn't you have used the Rod of Recall to get out without the need for an exit?

same problem