Dual-Classes Reworked by AscendingPhoenix

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Allows the player to pick two classes, but the difficulty scales upward. (Original by StarKeep, modded by Raenarill).
You advance twice as fast, and gain two thirds more talent points. You also gain six talent category points: at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60.
After level 66, you gain one class talent point per level and one generic every two out of three levels.

In order to activate this addon, look at your Game Options for a new tab.

Timeshaper Class

Short Name: 

Timeshapers are a variant of Paradox Mage that start off weaker on offence, but stronger on defence.

Infinite Dungeon Improved Challenges

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Get a challenge on every level, but the rewards are a little smaller to compensate (less stat points). Random artifact challenges eliminated.

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